I would have everything reasonably close o the front and centre stage with minimal use of props. The dialogue between the characters create tension from the word go! Despite, that it does not have as much action as The Removalists, I love the fact that it is still just as powerful. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I would keep the whole play simple and natural, using simple lighting and such, maintaining a natural and simplistic feel around the play. What provoked Norm to be so violent and brutal? I don’t have any interest in these texts either, so i think that may be a problem I’m facing with my questions, as I don’t believe that these types of theatre although they’re interesting in theory are very entertaining, nor do they really effectively use techniques etc.

What were his reasons for his brutal attack on Ahmed? View all posts by heathdennelly. I think that tension is constantly created through the interaction between the characters, n particular the obvious nervousness of Ahmed and comfortable nature of Norm, its makes you question why Norm is so comfortable and what he is hoping to gain from this random encounter with Ahmed. However, the second time we read it as a class and with you explaining it all, it ended up being a really good play. Tension is created throughout the entire play, until the tension climaxes right at the end. I thought all of the choices that Buzo made were really clever and made a lot of sense when you read into them more! What happens to Norm?


What were his reasons for his brutal attack on Ahmed? Especially the ones at the beginning with just Norm onstage, the symbols and representations portrayed here are so amazing! I believe the tension is created throughout every aspect of the play. The only point of tension that parallels the final moments of the story is the part where Norm reveals to Ahmed he has a lighter.

Staging choices and ‘The Removalists’ | Year 12 Drama

I consider the highest tension point is created when Norm offers Ahmed a cigarette and a lighter. I like the play. I would stage it on a traditional stage, with simple lighting. I really love Alex Buzo decisions on the twp stereotypes of the characters Norm and Ahmed which contrast really well with one another.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Google account. Ahmed obviously feels threatened by Norm because essxy the preconceived judgements he has about him and vice versa.

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

The staging would be very simple. How would you stage it if you were a direct it? I was lucky as we had a dedicated literacy teacher who gave all subjects structure scaffolds. A very clever piece of text.

Tension is created throughout the entire play, until the tension climaxes right at the end. I would also be interested in knowing why Norm was there at midnight alone, did he plan what he did in the end?.

Year 12 Drama

I really enjoyed this play; I would love to see it onstage! I would defiantly want to see this on stage. Was it because Ahmed was the only person out at that time of night?


What we write for drama would be excellent A range english essays but including include exporential learning ect etc – we put in what we’re told to – and receive a B at the highest! A really good resource to read is this http: Alex Buzo was very creative with how everything in the play interrelates.

November 3, at 4: The two posts would be infront of the white fence that are joined by a handrail. I loved reading this as an insight of Australian history and the society in the s through theatre which is a new experience for me. I enjoyed the removalists a bit more but i think thats mainly because the removalists had more action and interaction between more characters.

The time now is 6: The symbolism and representations throughout the set and dialogue is really interesting. You are commenting using your WordPress. Is there a story behind the two characters?

norm and ahmed and the removalists essay

That is the main question that was left in my mind after both readings of the text. View all posts by heathdennelly. Thhe is as if Norm wanted to talk to Ahmed. About heathdennelly Drama teacher from Australia.