However, this is not just a matter of size. Newsletter Enter your details Subscribe me. We should deepen the military relationship with the United States because in the eyes of the wider region, ANZUS represents an Australian force multiplier which enhances our strategic and foreign policy leverage, rather than the reverse. They are a natural constituency for the Australian Labor Party. He is listed as being a member of New Right in the 80s, then New Labour in the 90s.

By definition, a global trade war and a retreat to international protectionism would be disastrous for Australia. This should include questions of regulation of social media. Just as the threats to them are equally existential. Otherwise we will be full of plans but with limited finance to give them effect. Australian politics Coalition comment. The conservatives argue a narrower proposition of our national interests focussed almost exclusively on limited definitions of national security and macro-economic management. Whereas we believe in the full monty.

It also contrasts with generous remuneration structures which are insufficiently linked to long term sales growth, but based instead on short term share market capitalisation. As foreign minister, I had prepared a cabinet submission on this, just before leaving that office. Morris expresses surprise about how little the crisis was anticipated by mainstream economists.

And will become even more so in the future as sea levels continue to rise. None of them have established charitable foundations at any scale.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Otherwise we will fall even further behind the rest of the world.

kevin rudd gfc essay

But when did you last hear conservatives talking about a fair go, about solidarity, about community, about nation building or about sustainability. At best only half of what Labor governments build endures the combination of ideological assault and-or policy indifference on the part of the conservative governments that replace them.


On growing the economy, the essential challenge is not tax. This leaves to one side the future cost of our national defence. We would need at least that level of economic critical mass to sustain our long-term defence needs in a future where we may no longer have the support of our traditional alliances. We need to be reminded of the fact that our total annual trade in goods and services represents a staggering 42 per cent of total Australian GDP.

This is essential if we are to open up the party to a wider membership from across the broad spectrum of progressive politics. To accompany this, we will need an even more robust Infrastructure Australia to ensure we have the roads, rail, ports, electricity supply, water supply, waste management systems and high speed broadband to meet the future needs of a growing nation.

And why our opponents at best regard the concept with suspicion, but more often than not with derision and contempt.

A big Australia is therefore about the scope of our national imagination. It may prove to be a temporary, Trumpian aberration.

The Complacent Country | Kevin Rudd

The Australian right-wing media and commentariat are ideologically intolerant of any such national planning processes. This is part of a wider psychosis on the part of the arm-chair left that always prefers to eat its own, rather than attack the conservatives. This charge is made much easier because we as a movement are sufficiently audacious to say we stand for core values beyond naked self-interest, whereas our conservative opponents, by and large, are not bothered by any such standards.

Cyber-attacks from Pyongyang can affect the integrity of electoral systems Australia-wide. Our opponents throw both to the wind — to whatever markets or circumstances might throw up.

The Murdoch media is therefore likely to remain a long-term cancer on our democracies. The bottom line is we need it. It would never be perfect. Whereas the far left The Greens represent a constituency which have little interest in security and kvein economy, and at best a partial interest in a structural approach to social justice, concentrating instead on environmental and selective international concerns to the exclusion of all others, reflecting the fact that ultimately theirs is the politics of protest, with not even a marginal interest in forming government.


I just loved it, perfectly crafted. That is a matter for the parliamentary party edsay determine.

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These are the seeds kevvin national decline. Third, esssay is the growing wave of people movements across the world by those escaping political, economic or climatic insecurity in their countries of origin — generating in turn politically and racially charged reactions in the countries they escape to that go to the heart of local political concerns on the deepest questions of collective cultural identity.

Childcare must make greater workforce participation easier not harder. It must deal with the economic development needs of potential source countries. And authoritarians around the world would like nothing more than a fully disembowelled west, no longer confident of what it actually stands for any more.

How Australia weathered the global financial crisis while Europe failed

This is no small thing against many other democracies where democratic institutions remain weak. And so, the nation suffers.

kevin rudd gfc essay

This should include questions of regulation of social media.