By , fourteen inter-links under consideration for Himalayan component are as follows, with feasibility study status identified: Retrieved 15 June Thus, the inter-linking of rivers should be carried out in a way, so that the natural biosphere doesn’t get affected. While Tamil Nadu is in its favour, Assam, Kerala and Sikkim may oppose it due to the loss of water resources. The resulting demand for food must be satisfied with higher yields and better crop security, both of which require adequate irrigation of about million hectares of land. Retrieved from ” https:

In any way, the environment would have a sound blow which is not much welcoming. The rest is neither utilized nor managed, and it causes disastrous floods year after year. The groundwater levels are declining in many parts of the country. Retrieved 23 August However, in rural areas there is no such programme.

Archived from the original on 4 December Kalpasar Project Water export Pollution of the Ganges. Byfourteen inter-links under consideration for Himalayan easay are as follows, with feasibility study status identified: Some activists and scholars have, between andquestioned the merits of Indian rivers inter-link projects, and questioned if appropriate study of benefits and risks to environment and ecology has been completed so far.

Inter-Linking Of Rivers in India

The rivers inter-linking feasibility reports completed bysuggest the following investment needs and potential economic impact:. Retrieved 6 June It is, however, a difficult challenge to create the institutional systems and delivery mechanisms required for providing the technical back-up and support to the village community for preparing the water givers plans.

The glaciers are shrinking, this raises doubts about the viability of this project.

essay on interlinking of rivers in india

Interlinking of Rivers is nothing but joining the rivers of the country by networks of canals and reservoirs. As regards to the impact on fish and aquatic biodiversity, there could be positive as well as negative impacts.


Reservoirs and dams would be built along the course of these rivers. Archived from the original PDF on 8 December DMK for general elections added Nationalisation and inter-linking of rivers to its manifesto. Majorly, there is no social impact assessment done on the displaced people. Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster’s minds Should extramarital affairs be acceptable?

Development of tanks and developing new irrigation techniques such as drip and sprinkle irrigation along with water harvesting techniques will require low capital investment and land. In population it is second only essays on interlinking of rivers in india to China.

Interlinking of Indian Rivers: Boon or Bane?

Of this, for topological and other reasons, only about billion cubic metre of the available surface water can be utilised for irrigation, industrial, drinking and ground water replenishment purposes. The Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi said in that the entire idea of interlinking of rivers was dangerous and that he was opposed to interlinking of rivers as it would have “severe” environmental implications.

The States Government of Bihar proposed 6 inter-linking projects, Maharashtra 20 projects, Gujarat 1 project, Orissa 3 projects, Rajasthan 2 projects, Jharkhand 3 projects and Tamil Nadu proposed 1 inter-linking proposal between rivers inside their respective territories.

Government schemes in India. States that have surplus water are not ready to forego their water resources due to political and administrative reasons. The wisdom of extending irrigation facilities to the drier areas, instead of promoting watershed management for increasing food production could be disastrous.

The cess levied could be used for revival of traditional water bodies or for recharging ground water with community participation.


essay on interlinking of rivers in india

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 23 November The average rainfall in India is about 4, billion cubic meters.

Indian Rivers Inter-link – Wikipedia

The Inter-link project has been split into three parts: India is my country, my motherland. Against this backdrop, the Interlinking of Rivers Programme has been given a big push by the NDA Government in order to address twin problems of floods and droughts.

Rainwater harvesting in many small rivets through construction of bunds can-also add to water availability.

The impression that the mega-project involving interlinking of rivers offers all the solutions to the problems of water scarcity in India has diverted public interest from promoting local-level initiatives for the harvesting and conservation inteflinking water. It could also provide excess water for the Farakka Barrage to flush out the silt at the port of Kolkata.

essay on interlinking of rivers in india

Interlinking of rivers will be a practical solution for this problem, because the water can be stored or water can be transferred from water interlinkingg area to deficit. Water storage and distributed reservoirs are likely to displace people — a rehabilitation process that has attracted concern of sociologists and political groups. However, water conflicts are frequently generated not by an inherent scarcity in a region, but over the sharing of additional supplies.