Such projects might include redesigning a course taken by many students, creating instructional resources for use by faculty across the institution, or delivering INtopFORM-related professional development activities for faculty. Every ETSU employee plays an essential part in helping our students experience these benefits of an undergraduate education, because whatever our role—faculty, staff or administrator—we are all educators. ETSU will administer the test to a random sample of seniors each year. Overall Rating required item Other items subject to approval: Census opens a backdoor for illegal immigrants to participate in democracy.

As access to information increases, evaluating information thoughtfully becomes even more important. The last of these elements includes awarding INtopFORM student support and engagement grants for which all university units may apply. The analysis of information flows logically from point to point. The Journal of Higher Education, 83, No. Marketplace expansions coming in fall Olivia Dixon , May 9, Analysis and interpretation are used to closely examine ideas and to determine the significance of what a person is saying or what something means in a given context.

The faculty valifornia plan for INtopFORM will help faculty examine these abilities within their disciplines, and it will equip them with instructional resources and strategies.

Calaméo – INtopFORM Report

The student draws sound conclusions from information. The student correctly analyzes the potential bias of sources.

Students in ghinking sections of CSCI currently take a standardized final exam that requires them to answer multiple choice questions and perform tasks using word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 82, e6. Logan Martin — February 18, In addition, basketball game program inserts featured INtopFORM, reaching all of the alumni, faculty, staff, and thining members who attended the games.


In addition to degree programs for residential and commuting students, the university offers many etssu online or at sites beyond the main campus in Johnson City. Team members agreed that it was time to present the plan to key campus stakeholders and seek their thoughts about a number of matters related to it. Table 2 presents the committee membership. ETSU will assess the attainment of these outcomes using several measures, described below. Educational Studies, 38, n.

The online skllls center will be a repository of ideas and materials for teaching and assessing information fluency. We are now beginning to recognize that we live in an age of multiple and competing sets of knowledge. Some insights into student behavior. The value proposition from the INtopFORM proposal not only matches, but beats the DVFD proposal in utility in the academic environment as well as in personal and professional functions.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Both themes built upon university assessment data and addressed major opportunities for improving student learning. Table 1 provides an overview of the selection.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Department of Labor stated that competencies for all entry-level employees should include acquiring information, using information, and working with a eteu of technologies SCANS report, b. The what and who of information literacy and critical thinking in higher education.

California critical thinking skills test

They thoughtfully evaluate the credibility and implications etst information. Moreover, because collecting, using and communicating information are central to the work of everyone at ETSU and vital for the success of our university, INtopFORM will promote excellence in information fluency across the university.


Table 19 presents the QEPs consulted and assessment methods they thinkibg. The student draws non-obvious insights from information. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Table 7 presents the membership of the team. Nearly one thousand individuals, representing students, faculty, staff, and alumni, completed the survey. Journal of Information Science, 36, Sources and information used indicate persistence and resourcefulness in seeking information.

A QEP Development Team comprising outstanding faculty from across the university, as well as Student Affairs staff and undergraduate and graduate students, then drafted the implementation and assessment plan. Livingstone, VanCouvering and Thumin observed that information fluency promotes democracy by enabling citizens to make more informed decisions about societal and political issues. In seeking to increase the level of educational attainment in Tennessee, we must also preserve and indeed raise academic standards.

Critival Students I appreciate and see the importance of both proposals. Business Communication Quarterly, The last of these elements includes awarding INtopFORM student support and engagement grants for which all university units may apply.