April 3, at 8: Your decisions could literally mean the life and death of your patients, and because your decisions hold such grave consequences, you are going to be under heavy scrutiny and some pretty savage scolding from your superiors, not to mention unreasonable and rude patients. Interviewers may also attempt to discuss with you current affairs usually related to health-care issues. Yllsom personal statement Essay about united states economy Cover letter of a fresher teacher Fully funded mfa creative writing programs Yllsom personal statement. Thank you so much for answering my questions regarding FSA!

I was wondering if you have any tips to doing well for a-level? And my last question was, what is the thing you want to change about the world, and please don’t give answers like world peace: Sniffing out a fake during an interview is not very difficult. Plan out carefully and restrict the length to ensure that you can conclude properly. What exactly is the process followed for international students? You are commenting using your WordPress.

A great surgeon becomes a patient. However, I believe that just like discipline, I can always condition myself each day to be stronger and more ready to face the challenges ahead.

You yyllsom also talk to, and actively listen to people talk.

Content of Your Personal Statement – YLLSOM

Please include other useful tips about writing a personal statement for med school. Also what is the no of spaces available for nus medicine this year bearing in mind we are all dragon babies.

Mine was quite shattered at the end: Call Dr Paul Ang.

Do you know any IB student who got in medicine and what their score was? First and foremost, be sincere and truthful about what you are writing. Hey this is really detailed, great help there!


Content of Your Personal Statement – YLLSOM | nushs medicine

All the best and hope to see you in Aug! This replaced the 2 letters of recommendation during my year, and this new form seems a lot more standardised and fair than the old system where our referees would just write open-ended essays.

yllsom personal statement

If you love medicine, you would know what to include — this is where your story comes in. Medicine and What Matters in the End.

yllsom personal statement

NUS Medicine admission process NUS Medicine requires you to submit a portfolio to help the faculty judge whether or not they feel that you have what it takes for Medicine.

Just follow the instructions, idk if the process will change this year. Hi there, may I ask how were you informed of NUS medicine rejection? Sorry if this was confusing! What kind of information is normally found on the official testimonial, what is briefly its format like, just so I can provide information to the person who is writing this?

The (not-so-definitive) guide to applying for NUS Med/YLLSoM & NTU/LKCSoM – Chasing Faith and Love

The last thing you want is to lie about something at the start of the interview and snook yourself halfway through. The 2 letters of recommendation are submitted directly by your referees via the online application portal; just follow the instructions on the NUS portal and everything should be fine!

I love to read.

yllsom personal statement

I wasn’t sure whether the Dean understood what I was trying to bring across and I didn’t know the answer to some of the questions that Prof asked [about the changes in Medisave- I knew what Medisave is like now but I wasn’t sure which part had changed! You leave the room and wait outside the adjacent room for the next station. Really interesting book, try to read between the lines about how the author describes the nuances in human interactions.


If I could get some hints and tricks upon this, it would be of immense help! Other Tips If you want to ask more than 1 yllxom, submit them separately. At this point, the article is about words long, so I shall end off with a couple of final notes on what you should NOT do.

Tips for Entering NUS Medical School

Only my friend who wanted Dentistry put Med as her 2nd choice. I really appreciate your time and effort in giving ylpsom and the detailed replies and blogpost! One mistake, and your chances of admission goes down to ZERO. Telephone the ward nursing staff and ask them to get the FY1 taking over your shift to look up the investigation results. Interviewee 7 The above statement shows that even some of the educated disabled women Two Decades of Developments in Qualitative Inquiry: There are also role-play stations that require you to act out a scenario with a professional actor.

A good answer is not always obvious, but always remember ethics and patients first. Probably the best interview I’ve ever had.