It is worth noting he already had a published paper before arriving in the US. Maybe he looked down on other people, even looked down on very important prizes and medals. Moh was very unhappy with this and refused to write the job recommendation letter for Zhang. He has achieved the impossible with all odds against him. The lack of a letter from the advisor though would be seen as a major red flag. The husband is given sort of an allowance to spend.

Cyph0n on Dec 31, I really like this guy, and I’d probably answer the last two questions in the same way wife coming soon! Equally, you can talk about any number of desirable qualities Zuckerberg and Brin had but you can’t ignore the fact that they went to accelerators for gifted children rather than a public school in the rough end of town. Originally Posted by EVAunit Additional giveaways are planned. This result implies the existence of an infinitely repeatable prime 2-tuple , [2] thus establishing a theorem akin to the twin prime conjecture. Originally Posted by Bettafish.

I don’t think a PhD can get any interview yitan academic jobs at all without adviser’s reference letter. Both Zhang and Perelman are genius, in my eyes.

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Additional giveaways are planned. It is free and quick. Being a genius doesn’t mean she or he can solve really hard problems easily.

Retrieved May 19, Would you accept a medal? He has achieved the impossible with all odds against him. That was a job market problem.


yitagn Glad to see he found his way back, but sad that he had to endure almost a decade in the wilderness – at one point even homeless living out of his car – working minimum wage jobs just to get by. This guy sounds like a plant.

yitang zhang thesis

So Yitabg guess I was wrong. After receiving his master’s degree in mathematics, with recommendations from Professor Ding Shisunthe President of Peking University, and Professor Deng DonggaoChair of the university’s Math Department, [10] Zhang was granted a full scholarship at Purdue University. Lin, for instance, was just plain lucky.

Zhang arrived at Purdue in Januarystudied there for six and a half years, and obtained his Ph. That is already genius level mathematics as far as most people are concerned; certainly relative to your average undergraduate Zzhang student. After graduation, Zhang had a hard time finding an academic position.

yitang zhang thesis

It sounds a fairy tale to me that someone wakes up one day with a genius thought, and two weeks later, complete a solution for a really hard problem in math, physics, etc. Retrieved May 20, It’s 6 assuming the generalized Elliott—Halberstam conjecture is true, and without assuming the conjecture.

Yitang Zhang

He seems to do mathematics merely because he enjoys it. Zhang’s paper was accepted by Annals of Mathematics in early May[6] his first publication since his last paper in The lack of a letter from the advisor though would be seen as a major red flag.


Also, my advisor did tnesis write me letters of recommendation.

It’s not a strange idea for many people on the planet. Zhang was born in Shanghai and lived there until he was 13 years old. Publication rates in mathematics are much lower than in yitanf fields, so the lack of publications isn’t completely unusual. Tennessee posts, read 1, times Reputation: On April 17,Zhang announced a proof that there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers with a gap at most 70 million.

There’s quite a few cultures where it’s a traditional norm to put one’s wife in charge of the household finances cultures in which that wife tends to be stuck at home running it, whereas the husband is mostly home to sleep and otherwise working himself to death. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Zhang. He was due to be dropped but a spate of injuries gave him an opportunity to shine he hadn’t had before.

Yes, this should be true. I have different interpretation of being a genius. Success in the academic world- in the sense of getting a tenured position at a good place- requires a record of steady research productivity.

yitang zhang thesis