Timetables Exam schedules How to read the timetables? Regulations Rules and forms Reglementen en formulieren. In the Student SelfService click: Although it has been more than two hundred years ago that the German Enlightenments greatest. Who is who Looking for the name of the dean or the names of the representatives? To request a rescheduling of the other exam within the relevant exam period:.

Lets look at how some countries use specific thresholds for defining urban areas, and how these can be adapted globally. A personal evaluation of the applications will be done by a selection committee. The student counselor will discuss your request with the Dean, whom will take the final decision. Study path Exams Exemptions Master thesis Internships A corequisite is a course that, if you have not passed it yet, you must enroll for together with a subsequent course. Student Life Codex Gathers all information on and regulations governing organised student life Read more. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel cannot be held responsible for incorrect or outdated information on the website.

Do check what is applicable to your faculty at the tab ‘ deadline ‘. VLIR-UOS deadline thesis vub funds and facilitates academic cooperation and robertson scholarship essay examples exchange between higher education institutions in …. The VUB is more than just studying, as you well know by now.

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Submitting your master’s thesis Submit your master’s thesis at the secretariat of the faculty C. Master level Daedline a master student, pick your study field here below to find the course list: For the faculty ES exams can be planned during the second exam period of the first examination session as of Monday June 3rd untill Saturday June 29th, Fill out this form please include a proof of force majeure.


In order to be able to register for some courses, you need to meet certain enrolment requirements first. Extra Language courses Entrepreneurship Start. Synthesis research paper outline You are curious by nature deadline thesis vub and you have an innovative spirit?

The teaching and examination regulations thsis to the following programmes organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel: Follow these steps to complete your combined enrolment. E-mail it to the professor and teaching assistant s and put faclw vub.

Regulations and forms

Other forms Internship agreement request form. You find all information on timetables, exam schedules and how to read them via this website.

vub thesis deadline

Lounge User Guidelines art. Only a complete request that has been submitted on time will be processed. Forms for PhD students Registration and participation: Outgoing Go Abroad Erasmus and exchange.

Deadline thesis vub

It is possible to start your master programme if you still need to take some courses of the preparatory programme. Faculty additions Science and Bio-engineering Sciences. Force majeure If you can’t participate in an exam s due to force majeure illness, accident, other family reasons, … you can ask for a rescheduling of an exam s via this form.


The faculty secretariat will inform you regarding a possible rescheduling. Friday of Week 17, 4 PM. What to do in case of illness or force majeure? MUMA – 2 languages Enrolment requirements. Study path As a student you can shape your own study path. Regulations Rules and forms Reglementen en formulieren. Click here for a larger image pdf. A deliberation at the end of the first examination period of the first examination session can be organised for students in a graduation year who: Learning path counselor Workshops Certifications how to request for a certificate Exemptions Re- enrolments Terminating studies Combined enrolments.

The new exemption request forms will become available on this page mid-July The Vrije Universiteit Brussel cannot be held responsible for incorrect or outdated information on the website. Department of Computer Science.

vub thesis deadline

Latest News The difference between research paper and thesis new President’s Address can be found here below. Master’s thesis What is more exciting and intimidating than having to write a small book at the end of your studies?

vub thesis deadline

Organisation of the VUB Statutes.