Promotion criteria for all classes are based on continuous evaluation of all subjects including Arts and Physical Education. Chittranjan Park — Bengali Market I. Why do you think that we have to study the society and what purpose does it serve? The daily private study hour helps the children develop self-study skills ,very little homework is given in our school. The school constantly remains at the cutting edge of technology both in terms of the latest pedagogical methods and also in the use of computers and information technology for teaching.

Tughlak Road Police Station. This is part of an interactive health and environmental awareness programme for Class Other than lunch boxes and the school diary, there is barely any load in the school bag. The children who did well are: Revise Derivatives MS Saini. In classes 6 – 12 the children play a number of sports. TOP Technology and Curriculum The school constantly remains at the cutting edge of technology both in terms of the latest pedagogical methods and also in the use of computers and information technology for teaching.

Additional books and stationery can be bought from the bookshop whenever required. The nursery children sleep for an hour after lunch. Junior school children get no homework except during the weekends – so that there is no break in the link of what they have learnt in school.

Writing an examination successfully requires special academic and emotional preparation. The success of our school’s system lies in careful planning of each lesson in the school year and in the evaluation of student performance.

All children wear regulation beige socks and black non-leather shoes.


vasant valley senior school homework

A student leaving Vasant Valley is expected to have a catholicity of vision and a spectrum of interest that will mark him or her out as a singular human being. There is no textbook teaching. Write about a person you know or have read about in about words.

Subject teachers are available on specified days hlmework additional help.

vasant valley school homework

It helps students to increase their awareness of available careers and to make informed career choices and also to plan for careers that interest them. Reports Vasant valley School reports give detailed and diagnostic feedback to students and parents.

Children are not allowed to bring any money to school. The vallley from Nursery to class 10 wear shorts, shirts and a maroon belt. Then write a brief synopsis explainng this link between art and renaissance in words.

English medium co-educational day school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Vasaant. What are the factors which shape our lives? In the junior school, though there is sxhool balanced mix of academic and non-academic subjects, children do spend more time than senior school students on subjects such as visual arts, performing arts and sports.

vasant valley senior school homework

Boys, need to have a neat short haircut no mushroom cuts etc. Not only is there a balanced integration of Academics, Arts and Physical Education, there is also ssnior integration. Some stationery is sent directly to the Art room paints, Cartridge paperthe classroom ruled sheets, ink and the computer room floppy diskswhile the others are handed over to the students. This is a report based on student performance from January onwards and includes the results of all monthly tests and the May Examination September: Instead this time is set aside for programmes that will prepare students for the outside world by building their awareness about adult issues.


Students who performed well: Click here to view the details of children with marks who applied to the school for admission under open general seats. The week begins with an Environmental Awareness Class for all students. They also attend programmes seniorr they learn craft skills from physically challenged children.

The games played in the school are soccer, cricket, basket ball, hockey, badminton, tennis, table tennis, volley ball, softball, students are also being trained in golf, polo, and bowling and in individual team, track and field events.

For technical assistance please email us at: These are open to all interested students. Class 12 A B C.

vasant valley school homework

The uniform blends with architecture of the building as the colour beige and maroon echo the sandstone and the red colour of the school. Any change in the child’s routine mode of returning home must be notified to the class teacher in writing.

Other steps taken towards examination preparation are: Include a little bit about his early life and explain the work he has done. Private study is an integral part of the teaching-learning programme of the school and cannot be missed.