The board members and the founders regularly meet to discuss the progress based on the metrics in the annual plan. The science park houses some companies, offering employment to more than 6, jobs, making it the biggest science park in the Netherlands Buck Consultants, In addition, the universities collectively produced a website Valorisatie in Beeld, maintained by their umbrella organisation VSNU 3 , featuring a diverse array of valorisation indicators and valorisation narratives for each university. To achieve this DXL uses a construct clause, where the structure of the XML document is partially defined, but unlike other XML query languages this clause is embedded in a template, which can be called recursively. We report our design principles and show the methods to compute the answer explanations. Note added in proof:

Exploiting noisy and incomplete biological data for prodiction and knowledge discovery Li, Y. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Het systeem is zelflerend, zodat het smaakprofiel van de gebruiker met het verloop van de tijd steeds beter wordt. Entrepreneurial universities in the Netherlands Source: The projects address the needs of companies and society.

This indicates that ERDs are a concise notation; giving only the mathematical formulas instead of a graphical ERD would be unpractical. Up tothis web site was located at http: This is a utwentee more sophisticated and complex area, one that is so far underdeveloped.

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Collaboration is about carrying out research projects funded by business and public sector organisations. Fokkinga, Word count the derivation. It is shown that in a modular style of program development the CCL rule cannot be derived from simpler ones. As the process of arriving at these answers is based utente the underlying stored uncertain data, we argue that from the standpoint of an end user, it is helpful for such a system to give an explanation on how it arrives at an answer and on which uncertainty assumptions the derived answer is based.


Furthermore, the university provides an excellent breeding ground for activities that do not involve a direct formal transfer of intellectual property. Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference We present a formal derivation of program schemes that are usually called Backtracking programs and Branch-and-Bound programs.

Ambient Intelligence imposes many challenges in protecting people’s privacy.

It is well known that any initial data type comes equipped with tehsis so-called map-functor. DXL provides an extendible framework, designed to exchange data between heterogeneous sources and targets, such as databases and XML documents. When dealing with sensors with different time resolutions, it is desirable to model a sensor reading as pertaining to a time interval rather than a thewis of time.

The greedy algorithm computes a sub-optimal solution but has polynomial time complexity, and is fast enough for practical applications. It is good to note that while a regular monitoring takes place on a yearly basis, the measurement of the impact of valorisation in terms of its economic and social implications is a much more complex endeavour.

Indexing makes no assumptions about thesiz organization and structure of the actual storage of values. Experiments show that our approach outperforms existing theoretically sound solutions.

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This is an elaboration of Section 4 3 pages; not including 4. The definitions have the following properties:.

utwente ub thesis

Suppose that we are to build one information system database, say for several users that each have their own view of the world. Van Drooge et al.

We laten de karakterisering en enige stellingen en bewijzen in detail zien voor het cartesisch product en disjoint union van twee verzamelingen. This result follows from the preservation of initiality under lifting from the category of algebras in a given category to a certain other category of algebras in the Kleisli category related to the monad. Patenting and invention disclosures and knowledge transfer in general constitute the fourth pillar of knowledge valorisation.


Unpublished Technical Report, 4 pages.

Despite the monitoring and utwentr systems in place to measure the valorisation activities in the University of Twente, impact is mostly seen in terms of indicators such as the number of spin-offs, collaborations with the industry, and percentage of third-party funding.

Associativity of Cartesian product is well-known in set theory. Iedereen heeft natuurlijk wel iets goed; maar ja, wat heb je aan een specificatie die fout is?

Currently Maarten Fokkinga is member of the Database group. We need to assume that uv base category is omega-cocomplete, and has all finite coequalisers, pushouts, and kernel pairs pullbacks of equal pairs ; the functor of the algebra has to be omega-cocontinuous.

The remainder of this page describes the publications in more detail.

Dijkstra and Scholten have argued that greater use should be made of the associativity of equivalence. Vertical Integration of high-throughput measurements to derive functional and regulatory interactions in S. The Data eXchange Language DXL provides an extensible base language designed to exchange data from heterogeneous sources into a single target.

Entrepreneurship education prepares students for starting their own company start-up. As a member of this university alliance see https: PhD thesis completed in June 4,on the topic of privacy protection, resulting in the method of progressive data degradation which decreases the risk for privacy violation when data unintendedly gets disclosed and techniques to implement this method efficiently in a database system.