Automatic sign language recognition inspired by human sign perception ten Holt, G. The UT offers a minor, six bachelor modules and three Master modules, often tailored to specific programs. In this paper an alternative semantics for Cardelli’s system is offered in which this result is proved in a more elementary framework. PhD thesis completed in June 4, , on the topic of privacy protection, resulting in the method of progressive data degradation which decreases the risk for privacy violation when data unintendedly gets disclosed and techniques to implement this method efficiently in a database system. Deze bundel van weinig tekst en veel opgaven is bedoeld als een eerste kennismaking met programmeren, aan de hand van een functionele programmertaal.

Patenting and invention disclosures and knowledge transfer in general constitute the fourth pillar of knowledge valorisation. PhD thesis completed in June 2, , resulting in scalability in querying huge volumes of complexly structured data, by means of a way to transform item-at-a-time processing into bulk processing. We identify the problems raised by loosening this single policy constraint and propose preliminary techniques for concurrently handling multiple policies in one data store. This composability provides a theoretical basis for building scalable and flexible models for sensor data. This leaves room for a large number of run-time errors or misbehaviours in type correct designs. Exploiting noisy and incomplete biological data for prodiction and knowledge discovery Li, Y. The number of companies, however, is not registered so far.

When dealing with sensors with different time resolutions, it is desirable to model a sensor reading as pertaining to a time interval rather than a unit of time. We show a method that is systematic, easily to be automated, and needs no ad hoc reasoning when applied. De begrippen en methoden die een rol spelen komen uit de categorie-theorie. uh

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Within a non-modular set-up the CCL rule can be derived however from a simpler independence rule and an analog of the expansion rule for process algebras. Apart from the technical aspects, we show that personalizing the policies introduces some inference breaches which have to be further investigated.



utwente ub thesis

We attempt to characterize the goals that we have in mind when formalizing the relation between distributed XML query processing and integration. Probabilistic Processing of Interval-valued Sensor Data. Fokkinga, Cost and feasibility estimations of an execution plan.

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We shall be very brief in the formal exposition, since it is just a matter of utwentee, but more elaborate in the informal explanation and examples. We think that the short notations for map s and reduce s are of great help to understand what’s going on. One application of DXL, the focus in this article, is to retrieve data from databases, and yield the result in an XML document. However, in all cases there is room for qualitative information. We develop a calculus for lazy functional programming based on recursion operators associated utwwnte data type definitions.

utwente ub thesis

The underlying motivation for the research is the conviction that algorithmics may be of help in the construction of computer programs, just as arithmetic is of help in solving numeric problems. This thssis enumerates most of his ideas in a quite different and more concise style, and might be used as a compendium to his paper.

Furthermore, the university provides an excellent breeding ground for activities that do not involve a direct formal transfer of intellectual property. This composability provides a theoretical basis for building scalable and flexible models for sensor data.

Associativity of Cartesian product is well-known in set theory. One of the main contributions of our model is that it fills the gap between giving only the answer probability, and giving the full derivation.

Thesis overview

Recently, the Lambda Calculus and related systems acquire attention from Computer Science for another reason too: We describe what we think is the essence of Object-Orientedness OOand then show by means of an example how this style translates into a Functional Programming FP notation.


The concept of dyad utwrnte defined as the least common generalisation of monads and co-monads. The techniques discussed are explained at length in a textbook by Wieringa. Currently Maarten Fokkinga is member thhesis the Database group.

Fokkinga, Het ontwerpen van een databaseschema. Candidate proteomics biomarkers for sample stability and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis Rosenling, A. We also discuss the same algorithm expressed as a functional program. With large volumes of data being exchanged over the Internet query languages are needed to bridge the gap between databases and the web. Our intended readership is familiar with the notion of category, functor, and naturality, and either about to learn about adjunctions or interested in a calculational approach to category theory.

In particular, algorithmics provides the means to derive computer programs by calculation, from a given specification of the input-output effect. Student exchange and exchange of staff is another part of valorisation. To demonstrate the feasibility of our approach and current bottlenecks we provide a naive implementation of our technique based on database views.

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utwente ub thesis

We laten de karakterisering en enige stellingen en bewijzen in detail zien voor het cartesisch product en disjoint union van twee verzamelingen. The input and output directives change the order of evaluation as little as possible lazy evaluation remains lazy thesos, though there is sufficient control over the order in which the input and output actions occur to make it acceptable for the user.