It is assumed that the topic of research, locale of research work and supervisor are approved by the Research Board in the First semester of admission. Estimate various demand measurements with the help of Geo-demo-graphic analysis and demand measurement concepts. Antidementic activity of Brasicca olarecae L. If the student fails to submit his thesis within stipulated period he may request the respective DRC for extension of time. Explain the synthetic procedure and pharmaceutical applications of medicinal agents. With the focus on industry specific knowledge, our students are placed in the top-notch organisations. Course Outcome Fundamental principles of physics influencing the behaviour of various delivery systems like interfacial tension, micromeritic properties etc.

The exact title of the Thesis is also discussed at the time of pre-submission seminar. The faculties were very erudite and avuncular. Evaluating Illustrate the role of fixed dose drug combinations in Indian scenario. Apply the concepts of buffers and methods of adjusting isotonicity. Describe the morphology and general anatomy different parts of flowering plants. Applying Appraise about the principles of toxicology and treatment of various poisonings viz barbiturate, opioid, atropine, organophosphorus and heavy metal. Applying Identify the pharmacology of drugs acting on Peripheral Nervous System.

Teachers have always been very motivating and guiding even after college life is over. Analyzing carbohydrate and proteins qualitatively and quantitatively.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Identify the identification of organic compounds. Analyzing Analyze the collected data biostatistically. Analyze crude drugs by chemical tests: To convert them socially responsible and globally competent professional to bridge the gap between the physician and patient and to improve industry institution interaction.

Students immerse themselves in various clubs covering a wide foormat of interests and organize many events that transcend cultural and intellectual boundaries.


MIET has all what it takes. Pharm Teaching experience 5.


uptu m.pharm thesis format

To understand the Physical and Physicochemical properties of drug molecules for designing of dosage forms. Apply knowledge upptu immunological reaction to determine Blood group Perform assay of antibiotic Isolate enzymes from natural sources. Students learn to use advanced techniques of MS-PowerPoint and to publish presentations to the Web. Explain mineral nutrition, photosynthesis and respiration of plants.

Part Time Ph.D.

Describe preformulation studies and its significance on formulation development and stability. Build master the skill of Curriculum-Vitae, Resume, and Bio-Data and communicate effectively with report writing, documentation and giving and receiving clear instructions Simplify logical issues and value system along with their participaticipation and assertiveness Remedial Biology BP RBT Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Understand the various components of living world, classification and salient features of five kingdoms of life.

The objective of the course is to bestow students with the knowledge and microbiological skills by practicing and understanding the experiments. Course Outcome Preparation and labeling of various pharmaceutical dosage forms and extraction procedures Unique features Dissolution test apparatus Single, Mechanical stirrer, Disintegration test apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer Pharmaceutics Lab-II Course Objectives The main objective of the course is to understand and consummate the basic fundamental principles by performing experiments related to various unit operations like fluid flow, filtration, centrifugation, crystallisation, air-conditioning, industrial hazards and safety precautions, materials used in plant construction, evaporation, drying, distillation etc.

Demonstrate the method of preparation of inorganic compounds. MIET provides a better exposure for your personality development. Illustrate the biosynthesis of various biological substances.

The exact title of the Thesis is also discussed at the time of pre-submission seminar.

Develop clinical skills in the therapeutic management of these conditions. Unique features Orifice meter, Venturimeter, Ball mill, Anderson pipette, viscometer etc Pharmaceutics Lab-III Course Objectives The main objective of the course is to understand and consummate the basic fundamental principles by performing experiments related to surface tension measurement, viscosity determination and fromat properties of various kinds of powders.


Apply the methods for structure elucidation of Alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, lignans, vitamins.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Analyze the reactions of synthetic importance. Number of papers has been published in National and International journals at M. Identify stereochemical features such as optical isomerism, geometrical isomerism and conformational isomerism. Together with i the thesis, ii the synopsis, iii the reports of the DAC members, iv the list of potential examiners, v other related documents, the DRC will recommend to the Dean, ARD through the campus-based Associate Dean that the evaluation of the thesis may begin.

They should be able to select suitable experimental models on animals for various pharmacological activities and their statistical analysis and to write and compile the original thesis report. Make use of preliminary tests for organic compounds. The student should learn how to conduct preformulation studies in a stepwise manner for APIs.

Evaluating Take part in research design and conduct of clinical formay. Nishant Kumar Workshop Talent Management: Determine the heart rate, pulse rate and blood pressure by using different apparatus. The curriculum of pharmacy makes an enriching learning experience as it perfectly combines technology and health care system.