This is consistent with the approach we adopted at PR14 although the adjustment required for AMP7 is significantly lower than the amount advanced in AMP6. Data tables and models. RCV run-off rate in line with ‘natural’ rate. In AMP5 and AMP6 we have voluntarily reinvested over half a billion pounds of outperformance back into the business, sharing the benefit with customers. A clear view of our objectives and responsibilities. We have significantly reduced leakage over the last 25 years and have met our leakage target for over a decade.

Throughout AMP6, United Utilities took the decision to build a much deeper understanding of the customer base we serve, and our level of customer participation increased five-fold compared to PR This resulted in a plan that offered a Search the Ofwat site. Increases in customer numbers. The webcast can be accessed at the following link: To mitigate the impact of this on customer bills, we have also re-profiled revenues to ‘flatten’ the profile of key ratios over , and hence minimise the required level of PAYG advancement. In AMP5 and AMP6 we have voluntarily reinvested over half a billion pounds of outperformance back into the business, sharing the benefit with customers.

Retail margin – residential. Our plan represents the next step towards our vision to be the best UK water and wastewater company and has benefited from extensive engagement with customers and other stakeholders in our region. Because one thing PR19 has reinforced with me is that creating a successful business plan is a continuous process, one built on ongoing engagement with customers and a continual stream of insights to consider.

Better challenge of cost needs internally and with quality regulators. This target is stretching, but one that we think we have a good opportunity of utolities.

United Utilities PR19 Business plan data tables – June – Ofwat

It is one of the reasons I am proud to work for United Utilities and proud of the plan we have proposed. We have also made substantial contributions towards customer affordability schemes out of shareholder funds. United Utilities Water Limited jtilities today submitted its business plan covering the period.


united utilities pr14 business plan

Cost of equity RPI real. Beyond ongoing research, our broader public engagement campaign reached over 1. A lot of long days and hard work. In many ways, we are already leading the way for the industry in the areas plaan operational, corporate and financial resilience and our plan sets out how we intend to raise the utilitoes even further.

A great team of committed people. The webcast can be accessed at the following link: A clear view of our objectives and responsibilities. Although we have assessed that certain sub-elements of the appointee cost of capital are, on an individual basis, set at the very low end of or rp14 below an acceptable range, we have been able to adopt the Ofwat early view WACC on an overall basis, as part of the risk and return balance and price control package set out in our full urilities plan document.

The table below identifies the costs included within the building blocks of the allowed revenue: This resulted in a plan that offered a The table below shows how this WACC is broken down: Increases in customer numbers. Overall cost of debt RPI real.

The bill impacts of these adjustments are relatively modest, and still enable us to propose a substantial reduction in bills in real terms over AMP7 as part of our business plan, which has received high levels of customer support.

The economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales. The webcast will be available on demand from Wednesday 5 September at utjlities following link: The presentation can also be accessed via a live audio-only call facility by dialling: Capital expenditure plaj RCV. In adopting Ofwat’s early view WACC guidance for the plan, we are committing to a plan that delivers the best affordability for customers on an efficiently financed basis.


United Utilities – Behind the scenes in developing a fast-track business plan

This includes a small adjustment to the PAYG ratios that we have used to mitigate financeability constraints by keeping FFO to debt ratios above the minimum threshold during Utiljties on a notional company basis.

We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, delivering innovation and investing for the long-term.

united utilities pr14 business plan

Lower base costs to maintain services, including reduced recovery of pension deficit payments. Gaynor Kenyon – Corporate Affairs Director. We took the time to understand more about customer motives and behaviour, to utilise this to deliver services more effectively and efficiently. The table below shows a reconciliation between the wholesale total expenditure totex programme in AMP5 and that in our AMP7 business plan submission: Depreciation determined by RCV run-off and post depreciation.

We have built headroom through AMP6 to put ourselves in the best position going into AMP7, and are putting bjsiness the best business plan bjsiness gives us a good opportunity to deliver for our shareholders as well as our customers through continued performance improvements.

We support the wider application of financial incentives to performance commitments and have applied financial incentives to almost all our measures, with most subject to both outperformance payments for stretching performance and underperformance penalties.