But I think a lot of it comes from continuously thinking about a wide range of mathematics over the last twelve years. The athletes really got a kick out of table 1 from this paper , showing how world class runners accelerate second by second; a lot of students enjoyed figuring out how long a runway a Ford Mustang needs to accelerate to mph using the data here. Because, if I were a student in this class, I would have highly resented being forced to work with students not at my level. I pointed out that, when numerically differentiating a signal, if you take your time points too close together, the noise will overwhelm the derivative. There are very few people who will enjoy an activity at which they regularly have no small successes. From a more practical perspective, almost none of my students naturally grasped this idea.

The intended focus of the problem is on how to set up the correct integral in the first place. It is open without appointment to anyone who wants to come ask a question. One point I should make, though, before the legislators start grinning too broadly. Especially in the first half of the term, I tried to spend almost the entire class period working with small groups. And I think that, to teach college math well, you need to be aware of a great deal of mathematics, well beyond the official level of your course. I should have taught it explicitly.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus

If a university or its funding source does not value research, it is not clear to me that it should hire researchers as opposed to lecturers. I am going to say something which is obviously against my professional interest.

I think these are very appropriate goals in theory. Once they started working together, their performance on quizzes and in class improved dramatically. If the promise of academia were withdrawn, would people with a passion and skills for mathematics still become instructors?

This happened even if none of the students on a team was strong — I had one team made up of four good friends, all of whom were in the bottom quarter of the class.


I had a CS student who, for a final project, was making a winamp-like program and was trying to figure out how you take an audio signal and extract a sequence of musical pitches, so I got to tell him about Fourier matj, and he really did get it to work!

If some of my readers were among those who did, can you tell me how you stayed motivated?

umich team homework math 116

I think they could teach low level math courses as well as I do. I was assigned two sections of 32 students each, which dwindled to 30 each over the course of the term. I feel that, psychologically, there is a big difference between having one or two questions that my hypothetical student can solidly get right, and having him pick up a smattering of partial credit on each of uimch or ten questions that are too hard for him.

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And, while skilled instructors with an excellent command of the mathematical field may be more common than skilled researchers, they are going to be rare as well. The course maintains a problem bank of suggested questions to use on quizzes and in class. Partly, I think this is important for maintaining student motivation.

umich team homework math 116

The coordinators also held weekly meetings to brief us on where the course was going. I also had a lot of fun. I also wrote and graded mayh quizzes, and graded the team homework assignments. It worked better than I expected, but I still have some concerns. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

He wound up paying off homewogk, not only did this make him hugely popular, but it probably relieved him of a uimch of the stress I felt in kath final days of the Gateway period. Next time, I should make sure that they spend a lot more time interacting outside their teams from the start of class.


Of course, I am a highly competitive person, and I wanted my sections to blow the others out of the water. I did the day-to-day teaching 3 times a week, 80 minutes per meeting. Our non-teaching activities are increasingly public: I applaud Michigan for recognizing that it is worth paying full time staff to do this job, and finding ones who did it so well.

I would be happier if the exams had one or two more basic questions, with the rest staying as they are.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus | Secret Blogging Seminar

I think we should give him a question on the exam where he can display this mastery. I want to take the opportunity to brag about the most fun example of this: The intended focus of the problem is on how to set up the correct integral in the first place. I have just one item to add to your lists: This has two consequences. Introductory material is best taught by people with more experience than grad students generally have.

First of all, a note to any students in Michigan calculus. The 11 system assumes that 1 any graph which looks piecewise linear actually is piecewise linear and 2 the students will use that fact to make any computations with that graph precise.

If they multipliedthe terms will not appear in lexicographic order. You still need to give those teachers many hours a week of reading mathematics and thinking about mathematics, to keep their minds fresh and to keep them up to date with applications. Gomework is a very competitive school and everyone who gets in here is excellent.