Such a request would be initiated by the student and advanced only if the remaining committee supports such request. Graduate programs may establish additional regulations, including additional residence requirements, above the minimums set by the College of Graduate Studies. A report of this examination is not submitted to the College of Graduate Studies. Native Voices Summit Registration. In order to be eligible for graduation, a candidate for an advanced degree must have a cumulative GPA, based on all grades on his or her graduate transcript, of at least 3.

Graduate Council will decide to support or reject the committee’s recommendation and render a decision on the petition. If a graduate student who is on probation receives an Incomplete during a semester, the revert grade listed for the Incomplete will be used to calculate the GPA for that semester. Also in the Handbook are detailed descriptions and explanations of how to format and organize your document, including sample pages for preliminary pages. If a major professor has not been appointed, the program’s administrator will conduct the review. The student’s presence is not required and additional information may be requested by the committee. Any appeals to this policy are to be made to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

No more than 2 credits may be used for completing the exit requirement may be used toward the degree. Dates and Deadlines Calendar-Theses and Dissertation. The student, the major professor, and the program’s administrator will be allowed to appear before the committee.

College of Graduate Studies Physical Address: The study plan is submitted for the approval by the student’s major professor, the program administrator, and the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. Such procedure is formalized by a Change of Curriculum form signed by the chair of the program the student is leaving and the chair of the program in which the student wishes to enroll.

The student is responsible for complying with all rules, procedures, and time limits as established by the graduate faculty. All uidaaho and dissertations must be uploaded into the ETD system in final form with all approvals, except ahndbook COGS dean, two weeks before the last day of the term in which the student plans to graduate.


Wondering how to prepare and submit your thesis or dissertation? If a student fails the exit requirement twice, or the program does not allow the student to repeat the exit requirement after the first failure, or the student does not retake the exit requirement within a year, the student is automatically moved to unclassified enrollment status and is no longer in the degree program.

If Dismissal is recommended it may or may not be preceded by a warning period.

If annual enrollment is not maintained and the absence has been for more than five terms, a request for readmission to the program is processed through the Udiaho Admissions Office as well as reenrollment through the College of Graduate Studies. The program establishes the format and time frame and reports the results of the non-thesis requirement to the College of Graduate Studies using the Non-Thesis Report form.

Steps to Your Degree. A graduate student may be reinstated after disqualification under the following conditions: All degree seeking graduate students must have a study plan on file with the College of Graduate Studies.

No action will appear on the transcript unless recommended by Graduate Council.

General Graduate Regulations

University of Idaho General Catalog. A faculty member can be removed as a major professor or a committee member if it is determined that continued membership is not in the best interest of the graduate program’s or the student’s. If a graduate student who is on probation receives an Incomplete during a semester, the revert grade listed for the Incomplete will be used to calculate the GPA for that semester.

It is the intent of the Graduate Council that this privilege be used sparingly and only when the situation indicates its necessity. Annual enrollment is required for all degree seeking graduate students.


uidaho thesis handbook

An appeal of the decision made by the Thesiz of Graduate Studies petitions committee can be requested through Graduate Council. At least one-half of the members of the committee must be members of the UI Graduate Faculty.

Postdoc Resources Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Research Before Starting Your Research. Please use only if you are knowledgeable and familiar with the program. Graduation applications are term specific.

University of Idaho – General Graduate Regulations

All theses and dissertations are to be submitted through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation web portal www. A graduate student is placed on academic probation after any semester or summer session in which a GPA of less than 3.

uidaho thesis handbook

Satisfactory academic standing is defined under the rules of probation and disqualification and provisional admission and may or may not have an effect on the use of this policy. A student who was appropriately registered during a previous term and did not complete all the requirements by the end of that term but does so before the official opening date of the new term, is awarded the degree at the fhesis of the following term without further registration. The credit limit for a graduate student is 16 credits per semester or summer session excluding courses taken for audit.

Graduate Council may request a hearing to review all of the information related to the petition. If annual enrollment is not maintained thesls the absence has been five or fewer terms, a request for reenrollment in the program is required prior to any future registration by completing the Request for Reenrollment form available on the College of Graduate Studies website.