ETDs are created to make your work accessible via the internet. The total number of attempts for all Preliminary Examinations is five. After a student has passed the Preliminary Examinations they must choose an advisor from the Mathematics Department faculty. What do I do? Do I have to follow any particular style guide for my ETD? Copyright With rare exceptions, students retain the copyright of their ETD.

See you college ETD coordinator for help with this request. ETDs are created to make your work accessible via the internet. Documentation for some colleges can be found at the following links: I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Review information for the preliminary written examinations:

The time required to obtain a Ph.

Thesis/Dissertation Information

Request a bound copy of your document. The thesis is produced under the supervision of a faculty member and is examined by a committee of three departmental faculty and an outside expert. The contract between uj student and the publisher would stipulate who retained copyright for the published material.

To qualify to write a thesis, a candidate for a Ph. For non-supported students, the University rules apply. The electronic version uploaded to Vireo should not have scanned signatures. The Graduate Catalog currently defines plagiarism as: This form can also be used to request a first embargo extension of 2 years, or additional 1-year extensions of the embargo.

Where can I find dissertatiin ETD once it is available nsk the public? What do I do?


Thesis & Dissertation Guidelines

The questions in nsmm examination emphasize problem solving skills and mathematical ability as opposed to rote memorization. Refer to syllabus, schedule, and sample examinations for guidance in preparing for the examinations.

What is an ETD? Upload your PDF to the Vireo system: CougarNet ID and passwords expire anytime from the day of graduation up to 30 days after graduation.

Theses & Dissertations – University of Houston

Who will hold the dkssertation for my ETD? The department does not support graduate students as Teaching Assistants for more than five academic years. Review information for the preliminary written examinations: If embargoed, the ETD will not be published until two years after the work is submitted. It is recommended that Ph.

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with college and university policies on academic honesty and plagiarism. Documentation for some colleges can be dissertqtion at the following links:. Publication Embargo In some instances, it is in the best interest of the student to request that their thesis or dissertation be disseryation delayed from publication for the purposes of attempting to have their research output published in academic journals, or to pursue a patent based on their work.

How do I know if I should request an embargo? Wait for confirmation from your faculty chair and college coordinator that your document has been accepted.


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Proquest All ETDs are also registered with ProQuest to be made available in the various professional databases available in the academic field.

If any student is interested in this program, the student should make request to the Director of Graduate Studies by the end of the fall semester about one and half year before graduation. Intellectual Property Definitions, processes, and protections regarding ownership of intellectual property conceived of or developed at the University of Houston is subject to the UHS Board of Regents policy Formatting rules for your ETD are established by the college that is granting the degree you are pursuing.

uh nsm dissertation

In case of questions, contact Sharonda Glass at sglass uh. When submitted their ETD to the Vireo system, students sign a licensing agreement that covers future access and third-party copyrighted materials. After a student has passed the Preliminary Examinations they must choose an advisor from the Mathematics Department faculty. A candidate’s thesis usually is developed and written with the guidance of this advisor who will later chair the thesis defense committee.

The coordinator will direct the student to other contacts.