Pull your suit out of the closet and inspect it for cleanliness and tears. Posted by Undergraduate Career Services Office at 9: It is not necessary to list graduation date and GPA unless you are a recent graduate. When you look at bookkeeper resume samples, you can see a strong emphasis placed on listing accomplishments that either saved a company money, or helped to make an accounting process more efficient. Also, I discovered that having a change in scenery was refreshing for me, such as bringing my laptop outside on the patio to work. To view a sample resume and cover letter, click here.

Directories and Guides to Internships A wealth of print-based internship directories or guides exist, and similar to internship related web sites, the challenge is finding resources that are current and fit your needs. Strong accounting software skills that include comprehensive abilities on Quickbooks and Microsoft Money. However, life is unpredictable. Career Development Center N. Cardinal Health , intern , internship , Student Perspective.

May be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours. Learn as much as you can about the company. Services include workshops and programs aimed at orienting students to the internship search process, on-campus interviewing with employers seeking interns, resume referrals to employers unable to recruit on campus, a yearly internship fair, and internship listings. You want to stand out by convincing them you are the qualified person for the job.

The role of teamwork. It is common knowledge that you have a very short amount of time to make a positive impression when you or your resume gets lwtter front of a potential employer…typically five minutes or less. Network at the Career Fairs: We can also have a chance to immerse in different areas of the business.


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Also, I discovered that having a change in scenery was refreshing for me, such as bringing my laptop outside on the patio to work.

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To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader available free. Have you practiced your elevator speech ucdo business small talk lately? We want to know.

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First ImpressionRecruiter Tips. On the same note, I was impressed with Cardinal Health’s covef toward industry changes. In a small scale business, most of the time we need to figure out by ourselves that the decisions we made were right for the firm. Help desk Hours are 8am—8pm Monday-Thursday and 8am—5pm on Fridays.

ucso cover letter

The Letterr Science Program has established an online Undergraduate Research Fair specifically to help our undergraduates find opportunities for important experience in IU labs. Avoid strong scents- some people are allergic.

It can give you motivation and help you to find a direction in your life. Be sure to plan ahead and ketter faculty members professionally. Career fairs are a lettter opportunity to make connections with recruiters of your target companies. The other trend that is expected to cause a spike in bookkeeper employment is the changes in government regulations regarding corporate financial accounting.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. The work is very challenging due to the goals of the project itself, the number of people involved, and the culture and language barriers.

Also available at ucso. Often, career services offices will allow students from other universities to use a limited number of their services, including gaining access to internship listings or databases. Any student interested in pursuing business related internships can register with the career services office if they are enrolled in or have completed BUS XCareer Perspectives.


You will find that many such presentations will be hosted off-campus or elsewhere around campus, so plan accordingly for these networking opportunities.

ucso cover letter

In addition, the undergraduate advisor is available to assist students in developing their internship resume and cover letter. Students will not be authorized to register for Cognitive Science Q Internship in Professional Practice until coevr have become familiar with the materials listed above and have met with the Cognitive Science Program Undergraduate Advisor.

Undergraduate Career Services Office

Seizing career opportunities and being open to change was coger the most reoccurring piece of advice from our Executive Speakers. Ask them for names of people whom you might contact in particular organizations or at their own place of employment. A few seemed to be going through the motions rather than becoming fully engaged. When it comes time to provide references, do make sure that cver ask permission to include your references before you put them forward to a hiring manager.

Check out the student Event Calendar for details on these workshops as well as others that may be relevant to you.