Indian Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology in press Study on Acacia Nilotica as a feed stock for energy production in a gasifier – engine system. Discipline and field of specialization Specialization: Isolation and enrichment of Beggiatoa spp. Microbes for rice production.

Biochemical Characterization of dye decolourizing bacteria isolated from industrial sludge. No Course Taught Credit hours. Events Experts’ Committee Meeting: Fill all the details correctly. Investigation on the performance of 3.

Tech Tamil Students must have passed class 10 th. Ilamurugu, Sivakumar Uthandi and K. Tech in Horticulture is merit thessis. I secured only 50 percentage in required subjects can I get admission in bsc agri in counseling or management quota and I am a bc class.

Scrubbing of biogas and Its Utilization in Sago Industry. D in Liet M. Coimbatore, Madurai, Killikulam and Mettupalayam.

Students, not meeting the minimum CGPA requirement after 5 th trimester, will not be permitted to continue their Ph. You will receive user ID and passowrd on your registered email and mobile phone.


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Candidates with required eligibility can apply for Ph. Study on anaerobic digestion of cassava wastes.

tnau thesis list

University of Florida, USA Bioinformatics offered by SAUs. Arunkumar and Sivakumar Uthandi. D in Veterinary Science D.

The students who are shortlisted are further called for the group discussion round. Preparation of protoplasts in ligninolytic Streptomyces sp. Sivakumar Uthandi, Julie A. Sivakumar Uthandi and K. Biotechnology from any farm university. Design and development of aero-generators for low wind speed areas.

Shall I want to join B. Fanucci and Julie A. Students with highest scores are shortlisted for admission to TNAU.


Solar dryer with backup and storage system. Direct effect of fermentative and methanogenic anaerobes on chromium decontamination.

tnau thesis list

Hi Shuji, admission to B. Investigation of gasification of biochar as feed stock for biomass based alkaline fuel cell power plant. Skip to main content. For bioconversion tau lignocellulosic wastes into value added products.

This course work comprising of General research along with the discipline specific research. Scholars have to complete the first three trimesters with CGPA of 8.


Thesis – School of Post Graduate Studies

Admission The university offers admission to research programs as well, in which Ph. Tnwu in Law M. Design, development and performance evaluation of solar photovoltaic water pumping system. Madras Agricultural Students Union.