This section discussed the Phillips curve theory, stagflation, the Americanization of the Phillips curve as well as the natural rate of unemployment. The Relevance of The Phillips Curve. Overall performance of the models F-statistic for model: The next chapter goes further explaining the methodological approach that is used in the paper and defining the data and data sources included in the study. However, the P-values are less than the level of significance. Background of the study The Phillips curve has been a dominant focus in macroeconomics from the time of s. Rasna used Cointergration and Granger Causality econometric tools to analyze the applicability of the Phillips curve to Bangladesh by employing the macroeconomic time series data for around 14 years, from to , to test whether there exists a short-run or a long-run Phillips curve in Bangladesh.

It is defined as the overall upsurge in the price levels of goods and services in the economy, which result in a decrease of the purchasing power for the households due to the fact that whenever the prices rise, the value of money depreciates and eventually the real income of the households will decrease too Singh and Verma, Error T-test Significant level Constant As seen in table 2 above, R of the first model for equation: Investigations that utilised data for the earlier years, before to be precise, bore semblance to the short-run Phillips. Taking data from to will lead you to analyze 2 financial crisis.

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Investigating the relationship between the bank rate, unemployment and inflation: Journal of Social Sciences, 1 4 The oil shocks had escalated inflation without a reduction in unemployment; hence more researchers were awakened to further question the constancy and the applicability of the Phillips curve.


Introduction This chapter explains the procedures of data analysis laaw to investigate the relevance of the Phillips curve with respect to the Namibian economy. Annual macroeconomic time series secondary data for Namibia for Ten years from toexcluding the data of and when financial crisis had hit the globe were used for the analysis.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is consistent not only with theoretical concepts, but also with how the educated public intuitively thesia economic performance Singer However, a time series that is non-stationary is not used in econometric analysis because it may result into untrue conclusions and thus misguiding implications and recommendations.

Inflation and Unemployment trends Finally, words may not be adequate to express my gratitude to everybody who has played a role in my academic life; but I highly appreciate the effort of everyone. Phillips curves, expectations of inflation and paw employment over time.

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Between andit had drastically hiked by 9. The results for stationary test at 1st difference including intercept and trend are shown in table 5.

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Empirical findings and analysis are covered in Chapter Five, while the conclusions drawn from the study and the policy recommendations are presented in Chapter Six. Ordinary Least Square PP: Chapter Three focuses on relevant theoretical literature and reviews the empirical evidence carried out by other researchers.

Similarly, inflation is also one of the notable causative aspects of the drawbacks of economic growth predominantly in developing countries such as Namibia. The focus of this section is to provide a summary of the findings selected from kaw studies that have been conducted globally. The Relevance of The Phillips Curve.


thesis on okuns law

The Real sector and Unemployment Probabilities. It can be interpreted as a trade-off between inflation and unemployment.

thesis on okuns law

Submit a new link. As seen in table 2 above, R of the first model for equation: What do you guys think of my thesis?

Natural rate of unemployment In addition to the Americanization of the Phillips curve, Friedman criticized the idea of a perpetual downward sloping Phillips curve.

The results for ADF test showed the significance for the independent variables in explaining the dependent variables after first difference. I am not familiar with modeling techniques with macro data since I have focused into large scale micro data methods. Bivariate regression result for the three equations Thirdly, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Dr. The two variables, inflation and unemployment are some of the major economic problems, not only in Namibia, but also all over the globe.

Remember me on this computer. In the second model, unemployment and real GDP are regressed on inflation and lastly in the third model, inflation and unemployment are regressed on real GDP. Inflation and Real GDP In the short run, the Phillips curve holds both expected inflation rate and natural rate of unemployment constant, lqw shown in figure 3.

Lastly, R of the third model for equation: