Using Facebook and Twitter and so forth, getting quite a mix of people in terms of age, political or no apparent political loyalties — just people, citizens, revolted by the fact that this boy Junaid and his brothers were attacked on a train, simply because they could be identified as Muslim because of their skullcaps or whatever. So does Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India. The Thousand Faces of Night is the portrayal of different facets of women , different kinds of their suffering and depicts the status of women in Indian society. My burned thighs my clamped together as I felt the devouring fire cling to my entrails The barren witch has killed my grandson, and she lies there asking us why!. The commonwealth award winning first novel by GithaHariharan; The Thousand Faces of Night, could be considered a milestone in the realm of Indian fiction in English in general and Indian contribution to feminist literature in particular.

But the novelist mixes these threads very dexterously in a compact fabric. Gradually she shows her resolve in walking out with Mahesh and even greater determination in walking out on Gopal. Sita and Mayamma here represent the women who attempt to come to terms with their duties and surroundings where as Devi emerges as an invulnerable individual and uncompromising survivor. Mayamma is humiliated mentally and abused physically when her menstruation starts in a temple. On the other hand, male authors used to dealwith heavy themes. They become intensely conscious of each other.

The beginning of her menstrual period is connected to strangeness, a sense of disunion, discomfort and shyness.

thesis on githa hariharan

In The Thousand Faces of Night, the novelist attempts to renew the whole community of women through representative myths. She is strong, she will bear many more children, he said.


My burned thighs my clamped together as I felt the devouring fire cling to my entrails Indira Nityanandam describes the changes in the life of Devi in these lines: Her phanek was pulled down from her waist to her knees; her long blouse was pulled up, unbuttoned. Back home, Devi is matched by her mother to Mahesh, a regional manager of a multinational firm at Bangalore whose job demands long tours.

So this was what she reaped after years of sacrifice, years of iron-like self- control. She is no more a reflection, no longer on the run. She forces Mayamma to fast every other day and to do penance to change the evil course of her horoscope. Githa Hariharan has projected the feminist ethos with perfection. Parvatiamma is doomed to be punished, but she also becomes a surrogate mother-in-law for Devi, he guardian angel.

So does Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India.

Thesis on githa hariharan

After her marriage with Mahesh, Devi meets her father-in-law Baba, and their caretaker cum cook Mayamma. But my mother-in-law was far more sure of herself. Finally, I will mention some metaphors used by Hariharan, but since this should be a subject to a wider analysis, I will keep my ideas very short. Gandhari sacrifices her eyesight in this way to show her loyalty to her husband. Guiding Stories of Baba 5. Besides these men, even the other men who come in their respective lives do not prove to be faithful and supportive.

thesis on githa hariharan

She changesthings according to her own choice. The cultural climate in India at the moment: It would seem clear at this point that like epics, stories, and the history of real events, the Draupadi legacy belongs to all.


She presents a chain of events related to men and women, love and death and emotions as well as painful loneliness. America, Jacaranda Hariharzn, Mahesh, Gopal.

“When Bodies Speak,” by Githa Hariharan | World Literature Today

It is doubtful that these protesters had even read the story, let alone reading it for what it is. On the other hand she retrieves the marginal figures of Gandhari, Amba and Ganga- which relate to their minority status, almost forgotten, and often rendered silent and invisible in patriarchal version of myths. All the three female figures groom a dream of a happy married life but receive only disappointment.

Many of us who were born in upper caste or upper class or Hindu families, or indeed many men in general, have made rational choices as adults about equity.

When Bodies Speak

There are laws that apparently dead, or unused, that can raise their heads anytime as censors. It is natural for a woman to be proud of her sexuality but society prevents her from feeling such pride.

Though initially he was impressed by the refinement of cultures and riches of the people of Thesiw, later she became angry on knowing that she was married to a blind man.

Guiding Stories of Baba. The Atlantic Literary Review Quarterly8. The works of Githa Hairharan carry their special significance in the present scenario.

He shoved his greasy hand into my swelling, palpitating womb.