In the mid- nineteenth century,more women started to write in the English language. She returns to her mother who is eagerly waiting for her. Women do not live straight clear lives as men want to believe, they too have an untidy nest of unacknowledged needs, impulses, drives and instincts that lie hidden deep down within which they have a right to give vent to. Revisioning myths is a method of emancipation by which tradition gets reinvented and man made laws are subverted. Her parents train her to be a perfect artist of veena.

In her pride and anger Sita pulls away the strings of her veena and never plays it again in her life. She fails to convince Dan about her love. Devi tells the story of her own first bleeding: These women writers are the initiators of a journey which lead women from ignorance to enlightment. I have made my very few choices

As I learnt more about hariharna world, especially the country I live in, I understood that equality for any one constituency is linked with that of other constituencies. In the Feminist phase women asserted themselves in determined efforts for political and social equality. In Indian society woman having their menses are disallowed from temples and from participating any religious ceremonies. Sivaranjani29 All three Mayamma, Sita and Devi belonged to different generations as well different in onn of education and social circumstances.

Mythology and reality in Githa Hariharan’s “The thousand faces of night”

Was the murder of the three influential writers, rationalists and activists Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, and M. She forces Mayamma to fast every other day and to do penance to change the evil course of her horoscope. So she threw the garland around his neck and espoused him amidst all the intrigues made even by the gods. He never misses any chance to insult her. Devi finally realizes that My Grandmother fed me fantasies, my father a secretive love.


The Male Discourse 4. By this story Devi, established in her mind her own the concept of Swayamvara.

“When Bodies Speak,” by Githa Hariharan | World Literature Today

I looked down at the blood on clear, white flesh, my heart overflowing with something like pride. She found his replica in their son. All the three female figures groom a dream of a happy married life but receive only disappointment. She could not adjust with Mahesh or Gopal and leaves them as they failed to recognise githx as an individual.

Githa Hariharan gives us a realistic harinaran of what seems a trivial event. Lord Siva pleased with her penance, touched her garland and promised her that whoever wore it and fought Bheeshma in a battle would be able to kill him, she throws the garland over a pillar in the court of Drupada, goes to the forest again and burns herself to be born as Shikandi to Drupada. Indian Association for English studies, The real music of veena provides the conducive gita for the process of renewal.


A comparison had to be made, an illustration discovered thesiz, and a moral drawn out. The works of Githa Hairharan carry their special significance in the present scenario.

thesis on githa hariharan

The Female phase- The phase of self discovery- a search for identity. Githaa I was too well prepared and not prepares at all. Hussy that I was, I had stained the purity of the temple with my gushing womanhood. She rebels against the suppression of her individuality, identity and freedom and takes revenge like Kritya, Durga or Kali.

Thesis on githa hariharan

Draupadi moves carefully in the forest, cold rice knotted into a cloth that hangs at her waist. She never touches the veena again. To some extent he tries to give Devi what Mahesh failed. One day, the goddess she had prayed blesses her womb and joy rushes hairharan her blood.

The Snake — Man d.

Renew your Online Subscription. I have had any number of women writing to me, saying that they are using this judgement as a precedent.

thesis on githa hariharan

After her marriage with Mahesh, Devi meets her father-in-law Baba, and their caretaker cum cook Mayamma. Though Mayamma never saw her husband again. Her parents train her to be a perfect artist of veena.