Spiritualist healers, albularyo, use of herbs, etc. Along with this, it is also important to note which diseases they are susceptible to and how other needs are prioritized over health expenditures. Only the willing jeepney drivers will be included in this study. While it is true that the bus and train are viable modes of transportation as well, they are often ridden before or after a Jeepney ride making jeepneys an integral part of the transportation system. These drivers have their share of economic woes.

It targets to address the on-again-off-again health issues related to air pollution in the streets of Manila. These brightly colored and creatively designed machines and their drivers made this clear when former Pres. This variability makes it necessary to record individual earnings to see how it is allocated to the expenses of the driver and his family. Are you the breadwinner? Through this study, we have seen that Recto and Katipunan Jeepney drivers function within an income that is enough to provide for all of the basic needs of their families. Local of Study This study will focus on the jeepney drivers within Metropolitan Manila, specifically in two areas. Not only that, they are highly exposed to pollution in the air.

At the end of the day, however, their earnings. It is found almost everywhere in the country and it is something that is truly Filipino. Argumentative essays are one of the most popular essay assignments among teachers.


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The study will concern surveys mainly structured interviews and some questionnairesobservations on the life of a jeepney driver in the road, and utilization of documents and secondary materials, if any.

Vamp, Philippines A local club revealed that the sensible rejoins of jeepney drivers correspond their health and portrait.

If yes, since when? Owned for 15 years No. No, boundary — half shift: Hard to find job. Pagkatapos ng pasada, hindi ako makahiga dahil sa back pain. The series had a bus driver from London move to Manila for 10 days to drive a jeepney. What is your daily schedule?

The effect of the city speed limit on private vehicles or taxi drivers. Right at the doorsteps of Manila thesis about jeepney drivers and perched at the southern end jewpney the Sierra Madre, Rizal holds many secret natural and cultural treasures- from its beautiful. Skip to main content. If not enough, overtime is done.

The series had a bus driver from London move to Manila for 10 days to drive a jeepney. Table 1 provides the guide questions for the interview. Toughest Place to be a Saan ninyo ginagastos itong kinikita ninyo? This is proven by the existence of certain boundary systems and Jeepney associations that exist in certain areas or stopping points of the routes that the drivers are obligated to join. Electricity, food … Sends to family resides in Pangasinan 3. A study conducted by Jo Driverz G.


None None None None – 9. Spiritualist healers, albularyo, use of herbs, etc. Wife is a sales lady in SM.

thesis for jeepney drivers income

Though they are viewed as such, the reality is not as it would seem. Saves whatever can be saved. Thesis about jeepney drivers.

thesis for jeepney drivers income

They are also aware of the health risks involved with Jeepney driving such as exhaustion, back pain and stress. Not only that, they are highly exposed to pollution in the air.

Thesis about jeepney drivers

They are souped-up legacies of surplus U. What are the common health problems that you usually encounter? We asked questions regarding their expenditures and their health. Jeepneys are a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.

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