I am going to be killed” called my attention. But I guess that the world of perception, and the world of perspective, and the world of desire, interests me. Audible Download Audio Books. My final question is: The best part is that it doesn’t leave things resolved. The film opens in a state prison psychiatric cell, where a hunched figure wearing a grotesque flesh textured mask is being interviewed by a psychoanalyst.

The subsequent trial of the murderers also captured national attention. The picture is well directed by Amenabar in his first movie. Edit Storyline Why is death and violence so fascinating? Intelligent edition, special use of murky sets and slick utilization of shock images make this one, a magnificent terror film. If you into snuff movie analysis, this is probably worth a look, otherwise stay away.

For other uses of “Thesis”, see Thesis disambiguation. It deals with the popular urban legend amebabar “snuff” films films which depict a real-life murder committed purely for the sake of the film.

Have you seen his second work “Abre los ojos”? Although OPEN YOUR EYES sounds like an old fashioned psycho-thriller, the power of Amenabars vision lies in the story’s complexity and deftness with which he weaves apparently disparate, incomprehensible threads into a compelling and surprising tapestry of suspense, weird passions, horror and. From this premise, debut director Amenebar builds a story aamenabar is strongly focused on suspense thewis plot. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro.

This doesn’t sit well with the jealous Chema. To research her thesis she seeks out the most extreme violence films she can find and accidentally stumbles upon a snuff film depicting the torture and murder of a fellow student from her university.


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The focus is often kept away from violence, and the director only shows us just enough of the snuff to whet our appetites. That is by no means to disregard this film Retrieved from ” https: It rather too patly suggests that all you have to do is put unbearable violence out there, and all people not just some will be unable to resist its allure.

Emiliano Otegui Piedra as Professor No. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. After he achieved various hits, such as: View All Critic Reviews imrb. My name is Angela.

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Maybe his films have now improve, but he definitely needed to grow as a film maker when he produced this Frequently Asked Questions Q: Yesterday I saw this magnificent low budget thriller. Inthe brutal killing of three young women became the fixation of the Spanish population. In I went to the cinema with no idea of which movie I wanted to see. During the mid-nineties in Spain, reality television became one of the thwsis consumed genres of entertainment.

His family moved back to Spain when he was 1 year old, and he grew up and studied in Madrid.

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Amenabar uses his camera to evoke dreams that are reality and realities that turn out to be hallucinations, to conjur up sensations of deja vu, to visualise dreams within flashbacks and flashbacks within dreams. Soon they discover that the girl was a former student at their school She is followed by a figure in a black rain coat.


They early discover the killing was actually filmed on campus. On Disc at Amazon.

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Plus the buttload of money. The film manages to be somewhat unpredictable, by having many scenes take unexpected turns, but the mystery was a little predictable, and too easy to figure out; who the villains were came as no real surprise.

thesis amenabar imdb

Some people say this film is way too american to be taken seriously as an artistic foreign film, but who says amehabar foreign films have to be complete about drama to be good?. The idea of violence and why we find it is fascinating imdg made the base for many films, and it serves this one excellently too. Submit Share on Facebook. However, this is the most frightening film about a mystery hunt that I can ever remember watching.