I just found this statement hard to completely agree with though because their voices were so different. It seemed to be kind of random and thrown in. You are commenting using your Google account. In this operating room, only silence fills the void between the operator and the operated. He uses metaphors, similes, and personification to bring the scalpel to life. He compares the horrific site of a surgery to beautiful things such as pageants. What in summer Bio was gross slides on a PowerPoint is now a work of artistry, something glazed over by the naked eye but perfected by the few with doctorates.

Do you believe it was effective? He describes the scalpel as the bow of a cello or a tulip-by the stem, and “like a slender fish, it waits, at the ready, then go. But we know that we can do our best while we are alive, to use the knife the right way on others, so that others can do the same for us. I’m pursuing and will be for a while a doctorate in English literature with a concentration in Romantic poetry. I had a lot of trouble dissecting this piece.

The preparation for the profession is immense, seemingly only achievable to those who put horse-blinders on their life and fling themselves in a direction of complete discipline, as sterile as the pastel linoleum hospital hallways and the instruments on the surgery-side tray tables.

Anything he says, you as the reader can easily see. Response to Richard Selzer’s the Knife. Just as he trespasses in the most tender cavities of the body, evoking a sense of burglary and rape, we are trespassers inside the confides of his mind. Selzer seems to be writing for his own exploration of his profession than he is for the readers benefit. A direct example using a knife would be if the surgery when selzerr and you were changed forever.


The Personal and the Universal: Stylistic Essay Blog Prompt

He is conflicted with what he must do and the possible repercussions. Response to Richard Selzer s the Knife. It is the most real we can ever be, our life is in the hands of someone else.

the knife richard selzer thesis

The Knife Richard Selzer. Selzer explores the different roles that a doctor can play: The patient trusts the surgeon. He holds no hands. We can either kill someone with our words or save someone with them.

the knife richard selzer thesis

In the opening sentence of the essay “He and I” by Anna Ginzburg, she states “He always feels hot, and i always feel cold. Yet, even our own lives, as important as we deem them to be, go unnoticed, unknown in the scheme of things. He sees the beauty literally within humans, as sezler insides look the same in everyone. Something that I really like about the way that Selzer writes is he uses different figures of speech to portray different images. Confessions selzer Richard a essay knife the of knife Lomba essay ip box.

this to say about that: “The Knife” by Richard Selzer

Why do you think Seltzer used this approach? I’m pursuing and will be for a while a doctorate in English literature with a concentration in Romantic poetry. It is the part representative of the whole, which is of course what a synechdoche is.

This dichotomy of gentle elegance, and brutal strength continue throughout the course of the essay. He takes the calculations, the science, the chemistry, the dosages and the latin terminology out of medicine and leaves us with nothing but black words on a white page, infused with sixty shades of speculation and creative thought that have always seemed invisible in the hospital they speak of.


MargaretLatchman March 23, at On oageSelzer gives the richaed a mind of its own, richad takes control. For me it seemed like the purpose of the story was to examine the contradiction of healing a person by cutting them open and to reveal many of the other complexities of surgery.

From early on Selzer establishes that he simultaneously dreads and is fascinated with his job. Since the writing is so vivid, I imagined him cutting open richqrd own skin.

the knife richard selzer thesis

Through flowery, beautiful imagery and profound philosophies, he paints the knife as a knufe, light hand waiting to be instructed by a rigid, fearful operator. The essay is gruesome but very beautiful at the same time. Second shift sociology why was the monroe doctrine written write a graduate essay similes in the crucible what does snowbound.

richard selzer the knife essay

But can do much more. His numerical division of his work into twenty four categories made the piece much more engaging and appealing to the reader instead of utilizing the traditional writing structure.

The knife is the grim reaper, it takes life but never dies itself.

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