Inadequate man power planning: Miscommunication due to the archaic tradition and procedures practices in mountain areas. First Quantum could ask every employee to do a breathalyzer test and sign a waiver before driving home, leaving no liability to Quantum. Click to learn more https: Lastly, by putting into place a planned change control process for future issues as Quantum grows they will be able to mitigate these types of liabilities in the future. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Remember me on this computer. First, Quantum owners, Erin and Stan need to sit down with the attorney Bill and review exactly their liabilities and the kinds of suites they would be up against if something went wrong. People are getting out of control and belligerent at the parties. I stayed during the layoffs and fortunately did not lose my job from it being cut. Contracting with telegraph operators b.

Quantum is also facing the issue of continuing success in sales. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Quantum seems to be understaffed, because employees are required to work a very stressful schedule, employees work sixteen hour days, six quanhum a week.

tgif case study quantum software

For starters, Bill, Erin and Stan need to anticipate a need for change, they need to see that the beer fest is a danger to their company and needs to improve the working environment or change to a non-alcohol social gathering. They still will able to have their social gatherings and still relax and cae or give them the day or afternoon off.


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The micro issue is that coworkers see each other the same with management stuff in an intoxicated state; creating a situation where professional integrity could be compromised. The founders Stan Tgf and Erin Barber have successfully been in business for three years.

Bill brought up his concern without providing Stan and Erin extra detailed information and also did it at a incorrect timing. Obviously the work to employee ratio is too high. This understanding is directly applicable to your development as an O.

tgif case study quantum software

To shift the culture will be difficult. Inadequate man power planning: Feather bedding practice of limited work output that leads to provide more jobs and prevent unemployment. Change is upon them now as it is a cost concern.

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Thus, it could get out of hand more quickly. How about make it original? Removal of firemen position form engine of train may cause organized covert slowdown of work.

Qualified staffing and an even distribution of work will probably increase the quality of production. There is an effective way to overcome resistance to change is to enlighten people with the causes to change before implementation.

Remember me on this computer. What is your topic? Stan and Erin do not see the negative outcome of the beer fest; they believe the beer fest is one of the reasons that Quantum is so successful.

However, employees are now starting to get a little out of hand. He witnessed one of the employees who fell on to a table and everyone applauding his fall. Erin is the one that has convinced everyone that beer fest is the way to reward the employees and does not see the how vulnerable her company is to being sued if something does quanfum.


An experiential approach to organization development 8th ed.

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Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The company as whole is also affected as its employees may become less efficient and productive as they once were.

tgif case study quantum software

Benefits of effective OD are as follows: The last alternative to discuss in this forum is instead of having beer bashes to just give the employees every Friday afternoon off to do with what they please. The tfif Quantum Software hosting beer fests for company employees, is making it self an open target for liability issues.

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They feel the need to establish personal relationships with there employees to keep the company successful. However the company has a tough work schedule. Tgif Case Analysis Form Autor: Bill Carter, cooperate attorney sees the value of the beer fests however as the company is growing so is the liability issues. With low participation, it is not likely for Bill to understand how the company and employees are able to benefit from the weekly beer bust.