This advice especially makes sense if one agrees with the claim that unsolicited contact should be avoided. Permission to use the questionnaires from Levy’s study was obtained. These studies can be holistic or embedded, the latter occurring when the same case study involves more than one unit of analysis. Qualitative case studies in operations management: Case studies tend to be selective, focusing on one or two issues that are fundamental to understanding the system being examined. Finally, some modifications to the dependencies between the six case study stages are suggested. Multiple- case studies follow a replication logic.

Shadish, Cook, and Campbell discuss each of these threats in great detail and provide recommendations on how to mitigate against them. Yin, Stake, and others who have wide experience in this methodology have developed robust procedures. What patterns are revealed from historical inventory records? Help Center Find new research papers in: A reminder notice was sent to all faculty and administrators one week after the original contact, so as to encourage participation.

They can be exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory, and they have been described as the preferred research method when how and why questions are posed, the investigator has little control over events, and the focus is on a contemporary phenomenon within a real-life context Yin, Application of a Case Study Methodology Abstract In the preceding article Tellis,the goals and objectives were presented and explained in detail.

The explanatory strategy came from the need to determine the extent to which the patterns of acquisition and use that were established in tellls environments were applicable to higher education environment also. Chronological analysis of events may involve any of the following rules: Journal of Operations Management, 29 4 In other words, authors are encouraged to over- rather than under-report.


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Making social science matter. Qualitative research methods in public relations and marketing communications. Each section begins with the procedures recommended in the literature, followed by the application of the recommended procedure in the current study. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the methodological literature provides little consensus regarding how exactly analytical generalisation may telpis achieved Halkier, The Case Study Process, adapted from Yin,p.

Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users. Threats to external validity include interaction of the causal relationship with units, interaction of the causal relationship over treatment variations, interaction of the causal relationship with outcomes, interaction of the causal relationship with settings, and context dependent mediation Shadish et al.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

What data quality means to data consumers. International Journal of e-Collaboration, 8 3 Nevertheless, they are particularly suitable when research sponsors rather stuey investigators define the research questions GAO, The goals and objectives of the study were presented in the previous article by this author Tellis, An applied reference guide to research designs: If there is a team of investigators, the seminar format would perhaps highlight team-member incompatibilities and perhaps potentially productive partnerships amongst the members.

This thinking leads to ideas about new qualiative of information required in order to confirm existing interpretations, or rule out alternative explanations this is equivalent to theoretical sampling. The results will be presented in subsequent article in this journal.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

They also need to have a flexible approach, be objective, and critical. Taxonomic analysis, which may follow domain analysis, adds another level of complexity by assuming that words can have different meanings and distinct connotations for different people.


The dynamics of computing. According to Yinthree telliw for improving construct validity include using multiple sources of th, having key informants review the case study report, and maintaining a chain of evidence. Since replacement and enhancement of information technologies are projected to increase, what economic impact will that have on the planning and budgeting of the university?

How do the respondents view the availability of computing resources in comparison to peer institutions? Current practices, trends, and recommendations.

Tellis, W. () Introduction to Case Study. the Qualitative Report, 2(3) | [email protected]

Beth NagyDavid J. Application of Recommended Procedures Yin presented three conditions for the design of case studies: Academy of Management Review, 14 4 The researcher had no control over the behavioral events, which is a characteristic of case studies.

Topic coding pertains to issues that generally only become apparent during data analysis, Beekhuyzen et al.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

In semi-structured interviews, a researcher is able to refocus the questions, or prompt for more information, if something interesting or novel emerges. Additionally, confirmations of counterintuitive predictions will be more convincing than confirmations of commonsensical predictions Campbell, 197 importantly, the draft report should be reviewed by peers with relevant subject matter expertise as well as by the case study participants.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report