April 14, Civil Status: This concept will be implemented on advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines and other printed materials that allow advertisement of products. New Visayas, Panabo City Religion: The basis of implementation through objectives was met and proven to be fully functional. This Learning Management System LMS is a web-based learning tool that includes user management, lessons and file management and performance management.

Thus, business firms that supply such need are significant. Accept customers that will generate a positive cash flow, even it means you have to stop writing the plan. Another advantage is the deployment of the customer support program to serve as the foundation of a good customer relation. Presented below are the competitors including their products, its features and its selling prices: The ease of entering into that market is easy since the demand of these educational tools such as Learning Management System, is high, yet the supply to such is low. The internet is very most convenient way to promote or advertise the product since it provides a wider range of market. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Identify several alternative sources of financing. Spell out the proposed deal: Since the firm is in a partnership form, thus combination of resources specifically financial and human resources are both measured. Novicio Mark Jhon C.

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We are also open of whatever feedbacks that might consider a possible adjustment. Management Teams- backgrounds of key members of the team, personnel strategy and details.


technopreneurship business plan sample

The table below shows the pricing strategy of iProTech Learning Solutions: The internet is also a big help in achieving a favorable and wider market and at the same time, there is also an ease with regards to advertising the product if done online.

Likewise, the administrative cost for both complex and non-complex products is also the same. To define a new business.

It answers the questions of A business. It technkpreneurship only vary on the profit margin or the profit that the firm wants. With reference to the results of the survey, it has been validated that the product had helped enhanced the teaching strategy of the teachers as well the learning process of the students.


Another way to promote the product is through print ads like flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and the like. In order for the business to be sustainable and to maintain its growth in the market, the firm had conceptually analyzed a market-penetrating strategy that endorse and convey a sense of quality and satisfaction on the product.

All other strategies are discussed in the later part of this business plan. Waste time writing a plan when you could be closing sales and collecting cash. To set a value on a business for sale, or legal purposes.

Every business firms have their direct competitors that could either be locally or globally. New Visayas, Panabo Technopreneurshiip Religion: Other unique features of this product are the following: The research of these schools was conducted by the project researcher with the help of the internet.



To define agreements between partners. The following are the designation of accountability and responsibility of the management team: Online advertisement includes promotion of products on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others.

Aside from the actual sales of the product, the firm targeted to earn profit through the additional features that iProTech Learning Solutions are offering. As a result, the said implementation gained with good feedbacks by the evaluators and has valuable comments.

For they may outrank the existing one-in some cases like: To create regular business reviews and course direction. April 14, Civil Status: By John Erickson Tabago.

technopreneurship business plan sample

There are still other schools that were not listed above and can be treated as potential market. Agusan del Sur Religion: All products of iProTech Learning Solutions are assured and guaranteed of its best quality businss are all worth-buying. October 16, Civil Status: