Its my only dream or lifetime aim. Was disappointed at not finding an active online community of aspirants. And again, be aware of how much time you have and you much material you can handle. And the price may even get halved if it is photocopied. Class Room 1 Year. Just the way you have to meet a bureaucrat, you have to wait in a long queue of students to meet him and yes, his attitude is also truly bureaucratic in nature So friends, you all must be thinking who I am and why I am doing this negative publicity of an institute. Karthiga has openly shared the truth.

In Economy, Kathuria Sir was good in teaching, Historybut I could not find any of his material or questions coming in the Prelims. Exambazaar has tied up with hundreds of coaching classes across India to bring you exclusive discounts. There was a young teacher called Gangadhar, a highly egoist person who claimed to be an IFS and was taking the agriculture and external sector in Indian economy. So according to your experience which coaching should one go for. Only intelligent preparation and lots of practice can get you there, or at least close to it. Those who give bad comment has not understood mr.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

Ravindran sir is very helpful. I do not intend to create any negative publicity of Vajiram. Some of it is relevant, most of it is not. What I can really guide u is.


Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

And, they take back this receipt after the commencement of the class in lieu of the identity card that they issue. It will be a great help. Rest teachers are waste becz in spite of having good knowledge, they don’t know how to transfer it.

You experience the esszy only after you realize the truth. Being at the classes I do not think this is true. But to sm utter discontentnot even a single direct question came from their notes. Thank you so much for this blog! Plus, being in the basement, there is no ventilation and the situation becomes horrible when the light goes which normally happens in Delhi and the AC is switched off. Hiii rahul im madhav from Andhrapradesh.

Could esssy please suggest a good institute for these subject? Not cos i dont have money isliye kyoki mai in murgo ko aur khilana nahi chahta. I have essya my 12th this year and i am doing b. You’ll learn from each other, laugh and cry on each other’s shoulders. I’m taking my chances for my main subject with Bhavani Singh’s PubAd classes.

But, as Karthiga rightly pointed out, the discriminatory attitude of people there hurts, especially when you are on a tight budget and end up dealing with people with shabby houses.

Also,since the staff is mainly south Indians, they are biased when dealing with the students. It was hopeless beyond even expectations. Rest is upto you! There was not even a single current affairs class before prelims.


sk manocha essay classes

However, if someone wants to join only for intellectual enlightenment, I have no issues pl go ahead. It is not a university exam. They only make you write and write like a donkey and nothing else, just piling up and making your life difficult.

sk manocha essay classes

AS if you are writing a second grade university exam in which all the questions would come from guide. Also please kindly assess your talent and patience before appearing for the CS as its not a child’s play, be real and grounded. PT is current centric trend chasers available in market Chronicle publishes vajiram’s mains notes tacitlyalso neat hand written notes mains are available thanks to innovative petty shopkeepers- wonder why waste money esp.

Good Overall the teachers are good. I mean,after paying such hefty sum,one will not even get good notes,classes etc,, then why to waste ours or our parent’s hard earned money.

Ur opinion matters to u the most, believe in urself. DD is a way to prevent corruption and not abet it. And Ramz, please don’t criticize ppl if they mug up facts for GS prelims. IAS Coaching in Pune. IAS Coaching in Bangalore.