They made me do all sorts of things though like answering phone calls, filing paperwork, cleaning toys and even helping in group classes. This has to be my year. So the combination will be.. If you feel that you have been denied admission in error, please follow the detailed instructions for Submitting your Appeal. Btw, what are your stats? I like how you want to go to USC for peds though. When school started, she was in the school a lot instead of at the clinic during my shift.

I read that some people got in around November 4th last year. I got shingles from being so stressed out from them! Why not consider applying to USC anyway? Seabiscuit, did you apply to SJSU too? Submit all documents in one complete packet. When school started, she was in the school a lot instead of at the clinic during my shift.

Tracy in Tuesis Jose, California said: Seabiscuit in Garden Grove, California said: Much awaited SJSU thread – abhishek. I would suggest you to send both. However, we cannot guarantee a response by deadlines you may have at other colleges where you have applied.

Computer Engineering

OT in Los Angeles, California. Newbie in Canyon Country, California 81 months ago. I emailed the department too and they said the same thing. But the cost and cohort size is a little off-putting.


sjsu thesis information packet

I don’t inforamtion she was able to rate me very high because she wasn’t able to observe me as she was rating so she had to rely on memory.

I wouldn’t worry about it until the end of November or even beginning of December if you haven’t heard anything.

sjsu thesis information packet

I’m confident in my stats, but at the same time, very nervous because I hear USC is fairly competitive. Submit all documents in one complete packet.

sjsu thesis information packet

I have that ready to be dispatched to your University. Requirements for Graduation University Graduation Requirements Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, GPA, and culminating experience requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the Graduate Policies and Procedures. I hope there weren’t a bunch of super smart people who applied this year. The following applies to all appeals: Anyone have any suggestions of schools to apply to, what do you think my chances are?

Should I provide letters of recommendation? Transcripts in sealed envelope from your college and all the attested marksheets.

Occupational therapy master’s program

Aren’t they supposed to let everyone know at the same time? Those of you who applied to SJSU and got accepted in previous cycles: I went away for my undergrad and sometimes, I wish I was home when my cousin from Australia visited so that’s partly why I’d rather sjsuu relocate.


I was thinking of possibly applying to BU also, but that looks pretty bad, doesn’t it?

It is strongly recommended. Seabiscuit in Anaheim, California said: They know me a lot better and truly want to see me get into the profession.

Congrats on the San Jose State acceptance!

This transcript has my semester-wise marks of all the subjects that I undertook during all the 8 semesters of study at College. I did enough partying during my undergrad.

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Introduction to Academic Majors. Anyways think they are not required for CMPE. Katie in San Diego, California. Documents submitted as part of the appeal will not be returned to the applicant. Is there anyone who djsu into these schools without meeting 50 percentile on verbal section?