Doesn’t anyone qualify their answers to an appropriate number of decimal places anymore? We need to rediscover and promote ideas such as intellectual curiosity, inspiration and the value of education as one of the keys to satisfaction and fulfilment. What amazes me is that anyone can call themselves an engineer e. Actually the question is ill defined. And what about what created the sound – isn’t that physics?

There seems to be an unwillingness to accept that an alternative, widely held view, has merit. The cadre from which they are drawn is wider and much more intellectually rigorous, now that we don’t have ‘family places’ or ‘school places’ at Oxbridge? Without this, you can’t really do anything and that needs a lot of hard work to learn. Let’s hear it for a truly holistic education? In those days, one’s total result at O, A and degree level depended on what one produced during the final exam. No redefinitions or rewriting, simply the required answer. Also, as Ian points out, using anything but a standard bell-curve in order to set students grades is just plain spin-doctoring.

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I did a degree in Physics, but now work in the financial sector. I did these questions as part of AS physics last year, it is probably the easiest stuff on the course, and made easier beacuse you can do it in Maths as well As energy methods will only give scalar results, it fits in with the wording of the question asks for the speed not the velocity.

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You can only call yourself an Engineer if you are qualified. I think its time for you to drop the reargard defence of your wrong answer. Without wishing to sound like homewwork old fogy, I do remember doing these types of calculation at both O’ level Additional Maths and Physics. One reason to do physics or maths is to work in finance, accountancy or some similar high paid profession.


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I want young people to be inspired by somone who loves his subject. Maybe my intense tone above seems heavy handed. Is it not telling how Smith can’t seem to get science shame!

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Perhaps the horizontal velocity is there to confuse me and to see if I realise that it can be ignored in calculating the vertical component.

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As others have said, an exercise in plugging numbers into given equations is not physics. As to the difficulty of science, it really is a bit much to claim that it is shocking that students find it difficult to understand “state of the art” seventeenth century science – maybe all physics books should be in lat. Which reminds me of the use of virtual work in solving structural load problems Its all very well saying that these questions are easy and A level standars are going down every year.

I blame the science and engineering professional bodies for not lobbying the government to ensure the status of Engineer is policed and therefore is sufficiently high. There could be no confusion if one of these had a different value. For all those saying only the vertical component of the velocity matters then I’m afraid you’re all wrong. Will people realise the stupidity of this system only when every single child is in the A-C bracket?


If nothing else it proves that gods don’t exist – tell me one homesork that can do that. It is not helped by the fact that the reults of both interpretations are offered as possible solutions.

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I have been teaching Physics for 20 years. If you want to retain the cultural aspect, many eminent mathematicians and physicists were and are French – read the originals. Russia and Weimar republics Geo: Surely raw economics suggests that if you can’t get enough people with a qualification, that means you should offer a higher wage?

Didn’t the Americans invest heavily into science and engineering after the Russians launched their first probe? Cancel reply Enter your comment here The questions in the exams are not multiple choice and are far more difficult than the questions here, due to the fact that the exams tend to mix together hoemwork aspects of physics in each shoow.

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Also almost every single exam board does written questions. As someone also honework A2 Physics, I have to agree that that isn’t representative of A-level Physics today. Hazel weighs bean toot. Mass spectrometry and Titration Biology: Please join in – read our guide to posting commentsor send us an email.