USCIS considers specialized knowledge as either: This is your chance to set it straight because any ambiguity may cause confusion and possibly a denial or an RFE. After all, moving to a new country is hard enough. However, depending on the type of business visa that you are seeking for either yourself as a business owner, manager, or executive or one of your employees, you may be required to provide further information, such as an L1 visa business plan. How Our Immigration Attorneys Can Help If you are interested in petitioning for an L1 visa, then the only thing more important than having a solid L1 business plan is having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you. If you ask them to hunt for important information, you may just get an RFE on information buried in the document. Your time may be better spent on a B1 visa researching locations and leases rather than pursuing an L1 right away.

After reading your plan, the immigration officers at the USCIS should have no questions regarding the nature of your business, your competitiveness in the industry markets, or how your transferee fits into the plan. Again, like in the previous tip, it is important not to embellish these projections. When it comes to handling your U. If you are a foreign professional or business owner who is in the market for a visa, then you have several options to choose from. The E-2 is a treaty investor visa that is extremely popular among foreign entrepreneurs.

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Your summary should be brief but packed with information. A basic business plan will cover the highlights of the business and projects.

sample business plan for l1a visa

It is completely acceptable to state that you will be setting up a new office with supporting systems as well as interviewing and hiring new people in the first year and then shifting to managing that personnel later on. The E-2 is a treaty investor visa that is extremely popular among foreign entrepreneurs.

sample business plan for l1a visa

A diagram can be very helpful. This means that an L1 visa holder and their dependents may apply for permanent residency without jeopardizing their L visa status.


sample business plan for l1a visa

However, they are a good place to start so that you are properly prepared when you meet with your L1 business plan expert for the first time. In the case of a new office, details on the physical location lease or construction should be provided. If you are running a successful business, particularly one that you have built yourself, there is a good chance that you like to try and do things for yourself. H1Bs are highly skilled workers, but that visa category has a lot of limitations. When it comes to your L-1 immigration business plan, you want to leave absolutely no stone unturned and engage the services of a company that specializes in writing these business plans.

Petitioners must also demonstrate that unique work experience makes them not just an ideal candidates but one critical for the ongoing operations of the company.

If you ask them to hunt for important information, you may just get an RFE on information buried in the document. The result speaks for it the best, I am very happy! However, while the temptation may be strong to bolster this with unrealistic growth expectations to impress the immigration officer, this strategy is often the cause of rejections and denials.

Immigration Business Plan, click here. A chart showing the organizational hierarchy within the foreign branch and another chart showing the expected hierarchy in the U.

L1 Visa Business Plan Sample – Immigration Business Plan

Although the Executive Summary does not go into great tactical detail, it is an important strategic statement for the intentions of the business and the critical role of the petitioner. For example, you may be just starting out with your first U. Unlike a business plan for an E2 visa, an L1 business plan does not need to present a lot of details on the investment and ownership of the company.

This should be a detailed plan involving strategies for marketing, expansion, and personnel growth. Understand the Market Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market. Essentially, what USCIS is looking for is executive control over major decisions for the domestic operations or extensive managerial duties over people or contracts with little or no oversight from others.


The Executive Summary is an overall snapshot of the entire business plan. It should show the foreign company or office is related to the domestic company or office.

L1 Visa Business Plan

In the case of an L1 visa budiness — it is the immigration adjudicator that needs to review, assess, approve, deny, or request more evidence if it is not present. This article is based not only on the broad requirements but many Requests for Evidence through the years.

Like many different types of visas offered by the U. However, this immigration plan should be created with the intention of highlighting the positive impact your company is projected to make in the U. If they have further questions, you fof save delays by having carried out this preparation in advance.

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Your spouse will be granted an L-2 visa, allowing them to work for any company in the United States. L1 visa business plan sample documents are husiness likely not enough support to get your visa application through successfully.

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