R05 — Protection I felt I was on the final straight. The exam is similar to R02 in that you will be using your calculator frequently. After the full-on R02 and R03 experiences, this module seemed much easier, and the textbook was an interesting read, too. R04 — Pensions and retirement planning Another 10 credit module, this exam tests knowledge and understanding of and ability to analyse pension and retirement planning issues. Sample audiovisual presentation from our Financial Planning Practice course 3. The consensus online says this is the hardest exam of the R0s but I found the subject matter interesting so perhaps my enthusiasm for the content made studying easier and got me over the line.

R06, in contrast is a 3 hour written exam. Be Motivated to Study presentation 2. They need to probe well for relevant details and get to the heart of what the client wants to achieve. I left the exam with a smile on my face which is always a good sign, and I was thankful for the pass which concluded my journey to Diploma level. He has drive and ambition.

r06 case study april 2014

The rates are calculated based sttudy the number of candidates who passed during the year divided by the number who sat the exam. April soon came around and I felt ready, having learnt that exam technique is important as well as knowledge to get the all important pass. It was around the time of sitting R04 that I finally found a financial planning business to join, to learn the practical side of financial planning.

As with all the exams, revision should still be treated seriously. The format is two case studies of families that need financial planning. Accredited CPD System offer more There is also a sales element, explaining to potential clients how financial planning generally, and how the adviser in particular can be valuable in their unique circumstances. The expected solutions for the AF5 and R06 April exams are now available 2.


Think about what additional information you might need to provide financial advice, and think back to all the different areas of financial planning topics from the previous exams. Education for financial advisers and paraplanners – Wizard Learning: The format is two case studies of families that need financial planning. What makes it easier is there d06 no multi-response questions, unlike modules RR04, which each have a difficult set of multi-response questions towards the end.

r06 case study april 2014

Also does anyone know anywhere that past papers 204 are available? In fact, a reader of this site managed to do the full diploma in 6 months.

AF5 — The Big Tent

I was new to financial services when I began reading the text book, and treated the exam as a big quiz. Think about what additional information you might need to provide financial advice, and think back to all the different areas of financial planning topics from the previous exams.

Common question asked about protection CPD 3. You can never stop learning — legislation around tax is always changing, and every client is different and has different products and different goals. In my experience, Inheritance Tax was featured a lot in the questions, especially how domicile-status can affect it.

Students will select the module or modules that best fit their requirements and budget. Included are 46 short articles spread over 8 areas of the financial services industry under these categories: I explained that exams certainly are important to start, but even the most qualified adviser needs to keep up with the latest innovations and planning opportunities that come around each year.

articles & commentary from Wizard Learning

After passing R04 in the summer ofand an entry-level role in a financial planning business, my new employer wanted me to concentrate on settling 0r6 my new role rather than exams. Thankfully in R05 there is only one correct answer for each question and this made the exam seem like a breeze. An adviser can have more time to grow their client base and meet more clients if they have someone sstudy as competent as them or even more competent than them behind the scenes working on the technical aspect of financial planning.


Would you expect the use of paraplanning to grow? Reasons to be apprenticed – trainee financial advisers Jul 7, There are great reasons to become an apprentice, not least: News incl July R06 solution Jun 27, Apgil update covers: Click the image to View and Download.

Study presentation – the importance of testing more Forgot your password Register. Some Trainee financial planning candidates may be searching for any opportunity to see if the industry is for them.

A special offer for the Panacea Adviser Community Apr 6, Wizard Learning provide a wide variety of learning solutions to help financial services professionals pass recognised industry qualifications as well as developing their technical knowledge and key skills.

Tonight I studg a document with many of the answers, and I had to share it here. I still managed to pass this exam on my first attempt by learning the formulae and, as in R01, learning the facts by rote.

r06 case study april 2014

R03 — Personal taxation This module is deceptively difficult. R06, AF5, study presentation, significant management regime May 25, In this news update we cover: