With the discount, how many weeks will it take for Stefani to save enough to buy the skirt? Number Sense Use the chart to answer questions 5 through 7. Write 2 in the hundreds place of the quotient. The ribbon length is 7 inches longer than the beaded section. The first number in the division expression is the numerator of the fraction. Topic 7 Reteaching 3.

So, 60 42, Write the answer in a complete sentence. Although 12 is closer to 9 than to 8, each post must be a full 12 inches, and therefore any remainder must be thrown away. How long did the trip take? What fraction of the coins are dimes? Find and graph three solutions of x 5 on the number line. McGuire drives miles in 3 days.

So x can have any value less than 4. The ribbon length is 7 inches longer than the beaded section.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

This is reasonable, since 2 19 So a good estimate is a little more than 25 and prbolems little less than 30 students per classroom. The landscaper can use either design. Multiply the whole number by the reciprocal of the fraction. What is the area of the tennis court? Estimate to check that your answer is reasonable. Topic 15 Reteaching 5.


E You can find the area of each face by multiplying the length times the width. Lucero need to add when he opens a third bag? State your estimate in quarts. Draw a picture to show what you know.

Number Sense The prime factorization of a number is 2 3 3. What is 60, 6? The generalization is true for the square ABCD. Find the GCF of each pair of numbers. There are students.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Calculate the volume, V, using the formula V l w h. Rectangle Length in feet A B C D E F 12 6 4 3 2 1 Width in feet Perimeter in feet reteachibg 2 3 4 6 12 26 16 14 14 16 26 The landscaper must build another patio with the smallest perimeter possible using nine 1-foot-square tiles. About how much does it cost to ride? Each pack contained screws.

Gr 5 Reteaching Answers ch 1 to ch 20 – edugates

Aiko bought 11 clear balloons. Place the difference over the denominator and simplify if possible. The volume of the prism is 24 cm3. Point B 55 0. How many strikeouts did Pitcher B and Pitcher E have altogether?


Number Sense Rename the number 7 so that you would be 5. To evaluate the expression, think about counting out the money to pay for the car rental.

Is ABC a right, an acute, an obtuse, or a straight angle? Is this a better price than if the sale price were 0.

A parallelogram with all sides the same length 4 in. The center of circle C is point C. Percent actually means per hundred.

problem solving multiple step problems reteaching 7-5

Will 9 tables be enough? The box weighs If you multiply or divide one side of an mjltiple, you must do the same to the other side.