If you learn to forgive someone, everything that is confined in your heart will be removed. The first round involves an obstacle course that each competitor must complete. Bill also had cheated on Tinidora before and she cannot forgive him. Thank You for that Wonderful Question! Suddenly, a vehicle arrives at the scene.

There is one more day to go before the Sa Tamang Panahon benefit concert. From those three rings, the contestant must shoot at least one ring around the bottle placed at the center of the stage. Christmas Party is a segment for groups of coworkers who can put on a good musical performance for their company Christmas party. A mysterious caller then contacts Lola Nidora telling her something, to which Lola disagrees. Retrieved 21 July In celebration of their 14th weeksary, Alden gives Yaya Dub roses. On the Spot Jackpot is a game segment in which a pool of contestants stand on a numbered spot on a raised grid.

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It is collaboratively hosted by the barangay hosts and bulags studio hosts. The first clue is difficult and perplexing but is worth the most points, while the last clue is easy and obvious but is worth the least points. Nidora informs the couple, that in order to proceed to their date, Alden and Yaya Dub will have to do a matching game again.

problem solving eat bulaga june 5 2015

Alden must bring the food himself to Lola Nidora by the coming Saturday, and if he can make it, Lola will give him Yaya’s number. Lola Nidora, on the other hand, is not amused. Yaya then introduces her new-found bestfriend, Yaya Luvs to everyone.


Indonesia International Eat Na Ta! She reassures them that she rpoblem not be a hindrance as long as they don’t break her trust. Isadora learned that she was adopted by the Zobeyalas after their former stewardess became pregnant.

The EB Hosts are divided into two groups: Each box represents a particular numerical place value ; the leftmost box represents the millions place, while the rightmost box represents the ones place. Despite being sad at Lola Nidora’s arrangement, Alden gives Pronlem Dub a bouquet of roses and exchanges fan signs with Yaya Dub professing their undying love.

A host blows a whistle to signal audience members to start passing and throwing beach balls all around the studio. In the segment, there are two teams of two players each. Only one clue will be given by the hosts for each word. Tan-ning to say that she is dying. The segment was hosted by Tito Sotto and the late Helen Vela.

It is the predecessor to the more popular Pambato ng Videoke. Tidora reveals that she will go back to Massachusetts. They will be given automatically 5 points if they guessed the correct answer, but there’s a catch, the guesser can ask one of his or her teammate for help, that teammate will then remove his or her blindfold and also help in guessing the word or phrase, but there will be a 2 point deduction from the 5 point score; the guesser can ask for 2 teammates for help.

problem solving eat bulaga june 5 2015

Retrieved 18 May The jackpot round is a quiz round that has a similar format as wat game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The host provides a specific category where the question will be based on.


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The studio hosts pick a random number. After the first 30 seconds, one member of the That’s My Baes will assist the contestant in gathering more coins for the remaining 30 seconds on the probldm.

Nidora then informs Yaya that, after his mall tour in ZamboangaAlden will fly to Japan the following day. Barbara Sastre presents the finished wedding gown to Lola Nidora.

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Several inter-school editions such as Pinoy Henyo High and Junior Pinoy Henyoaside from the actual Pinoy Henyo game, also features group dance competitions among students from different schools. Kalye’s Angels – Facebook”.

Jhne from ” https: Each contestant will be given five seconds to answer for each clue given. The contestants experience a mock runway show to demonstrate different styles of clothing. The segment serves as a late tribute to the ” King of Rock and Roll. In unison, the models bang their hands twice with their fists and once with their hands lying flat on the table for the contestant to hear.

The number of entries during the grand draw was so overwhelming that the draw had to be conducted at Quezon Memorial Circle with the help of a forklift.