As a stretch goal, I will attempt to determine if there is a secondary association between the noted characteristics and crater location. Velocity is the speed of an object with direction and the equation is: Gpe gravitational field strength mass x gravitational field strength x height from this with a value for the velocity this being the velocity as the ball hits the ground. My uncertainty values are very small indicating my averages are quite reliable. I decided this was an outlier as it did not fit the trend and if plotted on a graph, it would be distinctively far away from the rest of the point and would overlap the error bar at temperature 40cm. The Aim of this investigation is to determine relationships between the following variables:.

GPE at launch The more GPE an object has at launch, the more energy to be transferred into kinetic energy meaning a greater distance travelled into air. Click here to sign up. I have the opportunity to use one of five public data sets provided in the course. Their depth is about 20 of their diameter. Physics Coursework Gravity Investigation gcse coursework help – Coursework Writing Service coursework -writing-service. Children examine images of Moon craters and speculate about what caused them. The runway is 1.

I have decided to restrict my personal codebook to the following variables taken from the list in the Mars Crater Codebook —.

Craters Coursework – GCSE Maths – Marked by

Decision What we found from our preliminary? Ibtisam Awow 10P Physics Coursework Shape of Object The more streamlined an object is the less air particles hitting it to slow it down as it is more capable of slicing through the air. We have covered the purpose for this initial post, including the selection of a data set, and determination of a research topic based on the data set.


Never miss a story from Towards Data Sciencewhen you sign up for Medium. At a height of 30cm the object will travel at 75cm. Physics Coursework Impact Craters. Remember me on this computer. Gcse physics coursework terminal velocity and air resistance help please? Overall the greater the height, the greater the GPE which means the more kinetic energy causing a greater velocity and thus a greater distance travelled I have confidence in my conclusion as we can see as height increases the distance travelled in air increases.

Physics coursework craters secondary data.

physics coursework craters secondary data

Gcse Physics Crater Coursework – parroquiareginamundi. Controlled assessment provides candidates with. Skip to main content. In this program, I will be applying data science tools to specific research questions of my choosing; including data management and visualization, modeling, and machine learning. In addition to this, calculate speed of launch at take-off.

The ruler is marked with millimetres which increases precision. Height of Runway Dependent Variable: At a height of 20cm the average distance travelled in air was cm. Health and clinical practice health professions hospitality, tourism and events journalism sport and exercise we have a brilliant team of more than 60 support team members looking after discussions on cousrework student room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out.

I took some readings and found that a lighter ball makes a deeper crater than a ball of the same diameter but greater mass.

Considering the Craters of Mars

Our next post on this course will focus on the creation and output of a program to analyze the data set. A2 Physics Coursework— Investigating Craters? As the object moves down the runway its energy is transformed into kinetic energy but that is assuming the amount of friction and air resistance are negligible.


Your response should also identify the typical sources for primary and secondary data and what you would rely on cratere heavily in making your marketing decisions. Its uncertainty value is slightly higher than the others making slightly less repeatable. This was not from someone who specializes in the field of Physics. Preliminary Datta What we found from our preliminary? Additionally, we have determined the content of a personal codebook for the data set based on the topic scope, and formulation of a hypothesis for our research topic.

physics coursework craters secondary data

I don’ t know why this is. Ensure authentic, tamper proof documents. Additionally, the available data on morphology may prove difficult to interpret based on my existing knowledge.

The width of the The runway being Yes, we should use a runway narrow may have runway with a greater caused it to hit the rim width so it has an even on the sides.

Repeat above steps To decondary sure the runway is secure because if it for the heights, 10 moves it could affect the height which could cm in 10cm reduce reliability. None of the error bars overlap which suggests my data is reliable. The data has a clear positive trend which supports my hypothesis.

Odd Martian crater type made by impacts into ancient ice A good fit to the data.