Embed a standardized project management process throughout the organization. Some of the main issues impacting the work of JRS project managers in Palestine include the highly uncertain political context, obstruction and restrictions to access the Palestinian territories, and a high-security risk due to the armed conflict. This case study describes the journey from the initial assessment to achieving, in March , Level 3 certification for project management. Short article and not that recent. The P3M programme is designed to build capability for the delivery of successful programmes and projects through a collaborative community that shares best practices.

Awareness of process Level 2: Use a standardized set of documents. When the time arrived for the formal review in late August , three APM Group assessors visited the office to conduct an evidence and documentation review of projects they selected. P3M3 comprises three models covering portfolio, programme and project management. Steps are being taken to use P3M3 more widely across the NHS for current, merging and emerging organizations. Benefits realization , Best practice , P3M3 , Portfolio Management , Programme management , Project and programme delivery , Project management , Strategic objectives , Strategy execution Share this page:

Due to the constant changes JRS encounters, in the future it plans to retain the P3M3 Maturity Level 4 by continuing to improve their processes and gaining buy-in from new project managers.

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YAS is using the findings to transform practices which will help the foundation trust achieve its four strategic aims: The initiative would assess how P3M3 could: The assessment team found that JRS had placed such immense amount of effort in achieving Level 3 that JRS had not only defined their processes but was also managing them.

Reuse of this Case Study is permitted solely in accordance with the permission terms at http: The P3M programme is designed to build capability for the delivery of successful programmes and projects through a collaborative community that shares best practices. Good model for future benefits to an organisation, looking especially at the YAS benefits. The UNOPS mission is to help people build better lives and countries to achieve sustainable development.


Throughout various incarnations and changes, the Centre of Excellence team has remained constant. In England it caters for a population of 51 million, employs more than 1. Managed process Level 5: In addition, a P3M3 reassessment was scheduled to measure progress and provide feedback into further development plans. Using this as baseline for improvement, they have been able to prioritize according to the impact of development in any given area. Next, it was critical to identify and engage the right personnel to champion and lead the change.

Firstly, project managers feel more comfortable with escalating issues and risks to their project boards which mean these issues and risks are being effectively escalated and managed The PMO is no longer seen by the project managers as a source of scrutiny but instead as a forum for decision making, project planning and other support for their projects Projects and risks are now managed proactively and therefore much less time is spent on solving issues.

p3m3 case study

This, in turn, provides an indication of their future performance. By not recognizing organizational boundaries, it has driven improvement across the business: Level 5 — Optimized process Quantitatively managed processes are optimized according to changing business needs and external factors.

At EMAS, the P3M3 initiative provided an objective and independent assessment that the trust could use to understand where it currently stood in terms of delivering transformational change programmes using project ccase programme management as strategic csae. These issues significantly impede the effective provision of humanitarian and development assistance and protection of civilians.

Find out about the model Find out about the assessment. By assessing their portfolio, programme and project management maturity against the five maturity levels of P3M3 see boxorganizations can understand how well their programme and project management processes are embedded into their corporate approach.


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Achieving buy-in from the organization as a whole for the various elements and governance for delivering projects to the P3M3 guidance. By focusing on effective communication, attaining a few quick wins to get the motivation going, being persistent and having the patience not to give up, the PMO successfully led the office culture change.

The P3M3 assessment was carried out using a moderated self-assessment approach with three key steps: AXELOS is pleased that this demonstrates that the revisions to P3M3 have produced the desired increase in diagnostic capability, without negating previous investment in the improvement plans, based on an earlier version of P3M3.

In addition, LU carried out a separate diagnostic assessment. At any one time, the Capital Programmes Directorate CPD of LU runs more than projects on the network encompassing new trains, new or refurbished dase, new track, new signalling and associated assets.

In earlyJRS project managers were experts in delivering projects in conflict-affected environments, yet they were working in silos.

London Underground undertook an assessment of its project management capability.

p3m3 case study

The perspectives group together one or more processes, and are: The PMO had first to identify and then clearly communicate the benefits of using one standard project management methodology because changing the usual way of working was perceived as an unnecessary hassle.

Use a standardized set of stuey.

p3m3 case study

In addition, P3M3 focuses on seven perspectives, see figure 1. Nonetheless provided good and clear insights to MSP utility in public sector environment. Would have liked to know more about where each organisation ranked on the maturity benchmarking tool.