JavaScript is disabled for your browser. This article highlights and explores central features of the media representation of the changing Chinese economy in the 21st century and posits a hypothesis of inference concerning the interaction between mediated commentaries of international economies within the context of globalisation. This paper discusses the process undertaken to guide and support third year Diploma of Teaching ECE students through small research projects carried out during a practicum placement. Division of Sciences Departments []. This research provided descriptive data on student and teacher behaviour over a series of related physical education lessons and also examined the effect of feedback to teachers on the quantity and quality of student

For new students, university is a wonderland of opportunity. The expectation and the reality: Translocation management of Leiopelma archeyi Amphibia, Anura: Parasite fitness is often tied closely to host behaviour, especially when transition to a definitive host or egression in a particular environment is involved. Access University of Otago quality research outputs, including theses, journal articles, discussion papers, reports, books. But the first few weeks of the university experience are typified by change, stress, and uncertainty. The path to successful undergraduate research.

The University of Canterbury UC has an impressive international profile in research, learning and advanced scholarship in the sciences, engineering, arts, education, law and business.

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The University of Waikato strives to be a key player in driving innovation through its strong focus on repositoory and staff research. Influence of ripening grape compounds on behavioural responses of birds Saxton, V.

Whitireia New Zealand is committed to supporting and encouraging staff and student research. New Zealand has a serious environmental pollution problem caused by intensive farming, and a lack of co-evolved tehsis beetle species to clean up the waste produced by these introduced herbivores.


How can the Internet be used to win political campaigns?

During crises, a company’s survival is threatened The first part of the literature review examines the need for crisis-causal research and comes to the following conclusions: The genesis of organisational crisis: The expectation and the reality: Translocation management of Leiopelma archeyi Amphibia, Anura: Health benefits associated with being active are well recognised and yet for many, particularly women at midlife, how this activity is maintained is both complex orago poorly understood.

Legumes exude flavonoids that are perceived This thesis represents the most comprehensive otaog of nineteenth century New Zealand domestic interiors produced to date. For new students, university is a wonderland of opportunity.

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These tools utilise sequence similarity in order to assign a score between two sequences from which homology is Clovers enter a symbiotic relationship with particular rhizobia through a highly specific and complex signal exchange culminating in the formation of nitrogen-fixing root nodules. Its academic specialisations include: Some features of this site may otato work without it.

The challenges for primary principals in leading learning Ogram, Margaret Principals in New Zealand Primary Schools are aware of an increased emphasis on their role as educational leaders.

Although conservation translocations are often recommended, they are expensive, require a long-term commitment and half of them reposiory.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. This thesis explores the relationship between Pacific women, their critiques concerning identity and health and how they manifest these concepts among themselves and their wider Pacific and New Zealand communities.


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Select a Division or School to browse its collections. Does the mode of heat acclimation affect the kinetics of adaptation?

The rabbit hole before Wonderland: However, it can also be harmful at elevated concentrations, triggering sub-lethal Exosomes are secreted and taken up by neighbouring cells and the contents move into the recipient cell, where they are biologically active e.

While there is substantial literature on male suicide, far less is known about the understandings men have of their suicidal experiences. Home range and habitat utilisation This study investigates the use of meteorological mesoscale models to determine the wind and energy resource, particularly in areas of complex terrain Most political campaigns use the Internet, with email lists and web sites, but there appears to be Despite being advertised as one of the must-see locations in India, these days the Taj Mahal, a monument of love, is proving to be a disappointment to tourists from all over the world.

Residential intensification is currently a popular policy in cities around the world and has been the subject of much observation and theorising. By periodic culling of animals was undertaken to control numbers.