Earlier Greenert spoke as the guest speaker at an Officer Candidate School OCS gr happy beautiful female graduate finished college studying on white background and using loudly megaphone talking to cheer celebrating. I think about it all the time, and I am even more excited for our next reunion and the adventures we will find ourselves in. This is the day where your soldier is acknowledged for his willingness to serve. Thank you for stopping by. Please note that they will only be able to relay messages that pertain to emergency information:

Once family day is over its time to say goodbye again!!! Seating There is no assigned seating for families, but there will be plenty of it. February 2, 15 Comments. Answering unknown numbers is scary. Like your husband, he will go to Airborne afterwards. The soldiers had another formation and then were released for the weekend. As far as pre-determined contact from your soldier goes, the closest thing to a guarantee is the infamous second phone call.

The southern hospitality here can be very real. Thanks for the great information. The feeling you get when you see them coming especially with the loud booming music is Undescribable!!!!! Hollis shared the objectives of DoD strategy to combat organized crime and graduatiln the new alumni to the Marshall Center network of professionals.

We searched around for a whole we were lost for about 40 minutes, haha! That is what I did— the pm flight on Sunday. And the format will just depend on the venue.


The RiverCenter for Performing Arts is a good place to catch a show— be that comedy or dance. While it is extremely unlikely that your soldier will be allowed to call during this time, it is still possible.

osut graduation speech

This is a huge day in the life of your soldier and your family should be there to celebrate his achievement. I think about it all the time, and I am even more excited for our next reunion and the adventures we will find ourselves in.

The letter that was sent to families said graduation started at 10am but it actually started at 9am.

osut graduation speech

Or to that 30 second phone-call. I have seen everything from completely casual to dressy-Sunday wear.

Army Graduation Ceremonies

Nancy Feldman June 13, Out do i need to figure out my own way from the airport to post? He recently just had a two day pass to leave off post and report back by 8pm both nights. A nice sweater and pants is totally sufficient. I understand right outside the base is not a good area to stay.

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Again, this can be different for everyone. Obviously i know i will have spfech take a plane and travel out but is there any transport that the Army provides like a bus? The NIM is on post but is not technically part of the main base, so when we arrived there we drove as far as we could before we had to turn around a try to find the main gate.


The gate guard will direct you to the Visitor Center and they will assist you in obtaining a pass. Phone Call Privacy Contrary to popular belief, the Drill Sergeants will not stand over the soldiers and listen to their phone calls.

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What did I miss? Family day is the 1st of March and then the 2nd is graduation and then we are leaving at pm from Atlanta on the 2nd because he will be flying out on the 3rd to his base which is Fort Carson, CO. Stacey January 5,9: My question is will they have 2 separate graduations for basic training and infantry school.?

Fort Benning is home of the Infantry. They finally get to us in about 3 minutes and they stand at parade rest. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

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