She is also the co-editor of the journal Social Text. Assignment 1 Jasmyn Castro Assignment 1: Toward the Preservation of Virtual Reality Though virtual reality devices, such as the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, have only recently become ubiquitous in the public consciousness and the consumer market, virtual reality has a long and rich history that has thus far been largely overlooked by cultural heritage institutions. Miap is a well-known authority on the preservation of electronic media. Archival and Preservation Practices Families accumulate a wide array of artifacts, mementos, and souvenirs that hold a special meaning or reveal a truth about their past, but the longevity of these items is rarely considered when acquired. What is the status quo of DPX files in archives? These internships will provide hands—on experience with moving image material, as well as deep exposure to the various types of institutions that handle this material.

On a more pragmatic level, they will learn about optimal storage conditions and handling. Toward the Preservation of Virtual Reality. She also cares about miap source technology in archives, and building useful technology skills among miap. The Church has had its own production company, Golden Era Productions, since , to promote and protect its very carefully created image. He has a long history of presenting and archiving the unusual. Since she miap been working at the thesis miap department of Nyu Film Institute Netherlands, disclosing the Geesink collection and other collections of animation and commissioned films.

Students will meet as a group bi—weekly with an instructor to contextualize the internship experience. Now, DCTV has amassed thousands of video tapes from a wide array of formats spanning over decades of time, but without a strategy to preserve this invaluable collection.

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How do these rights affect downstream exhibition and distribution of a preserved work? In she organized miap workshop on advertising films for EYE.


Topics discussed include appraisal, collection policies, inventorying, and physical and digital storage. Curating Moving Images Mixp course focuses on the practice of film exhibition and programming in museums, archives, and independent exhibition venues.

SinceDCTV has made over award-winning documentaries on subjects ranging from the Vietnam War to toxic municipal drinking water. The Half-Life and Total Death of The DVD also has extensive contextual materials about each film, including essays, commentary tracks, and preservation notes. Drawing on his large private archive as well nyu other collections, he explores uncharted thesis and the genres that fall between click cracks.

nyu miap thesis

An overview of issues and concerns for the creation, execution and maintenance of an audio archive. Rob Anen 8mm film: It examines theories of collecting, the history and ethics of cultural heritage institutions, the organizational structures of institutions that house collections including trends in staffing and the roles of individual departmentsand their thedis missions and operational ethics. In a rush to digitize born-analog content, how will the institutions responsible for our cultural heritage respond to the impending issue of digital materiality, and the physical systems required to sustain digital content?

Video Preservation II is the second of two courses that give students direct experience with the process of reformatting analog video materials for preservation and access. Integrating Digital Technology into Museum Exhibition. New Techniques for Digital Processing Born-digital audiovisual accessions have increasingly begun to outstrip analog accessions in archives, representing not only a change in format but a change in scale.

It compares and contrasts these types of institution to reveal how they differ from one another, paying particular attention moap how different institutional missions affect internal metadata and information systems.


Wednesday, April 3 6: Preserving Flash on the Web.

nyu miap thesis

The thesis will end with a case study on The Fuentes Collection of home movies, which has been added to the National Film Registry’s list. The seminar will also treat such themes as: This course will explain the principles of conservation and preservation, and place moving image preservation within the larger context of cultural heritage preservation.

The Elective may be a media course, a course in cultural institutions and practices, or a course in preservation.

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Students will meet as a group bi-weekly with an instructor to contextualize the internship experience. This presentation will examine how ephemerality and fixity can be understood in terms of politics, philosophy and spirituality.

He is also thesis a book about contemporary American directors and their work in advertising. Portable Channel proved that video could empower a community moap thesis miap own identity through independent media. Brad Campbell Curating Roles: This thesis is a preservation project and research paper that examines Icelandic home movies. The research will lead to the best practice of ingesting and managing DPX files.

nyu miap thesis

Climate Change as a Prompt for the Digital Archive offers a critical approach to the environmentally costly infrastructures that power nyh stewardship initiatives across the cultural sector. Jan 24 – Sun. Unknown File Format Name: Peter Sutton Presentation on Information: What are the various legal rights that may encumber moving image material?