Quoted from Channelnewsasia http: Will it leave you with no future? If you prefer reading and thinking about stuff, CNM would be a better match for you. This paper serves as a guide thus hopefully clears the mist and ends the puzzlement. As soon as you’re done with some work, the next one comes along. Some would call Communications an “applied” field while the traditional arts and humanities fields are “academic”. The incident has also generated a number of responses from Indonesian students who have studied or are studying in Singapore, describing the education system here as being in a high-pressured environment.

Honestly, I forget what their campaign was about but their tactics were really fun, enjoyable, interactive, and memorable. At least you’ll be able to impress people by telling them about the sociological theory of anomie How committed are you when you make a decision? Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Singapore. And unlike the Singaporean students who can talk to their relatives, international students find it difficult because they live far away from their family.

In addition to your bespoke trousers and handbags, you can now have a bespoke degree.

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Silly graphics are potent weapons in the battle for the ever-shrinking attention spans of modern consumers. Students who haven’t firmly decided on Communications as their preferred field of study should also enroll into FASS because it’s easy to change to a different major within the faculty if you find that Communications isn’t for you after all.


But still, experts point out there is no fool-proof system to detect troubled students. Unknown 25 April at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. Project OfficerNov.

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CNM students take a total of nine Communications-related modules over three years, have to qualify for Honours based on grades, then take another eight Communications-related modules over one year before graduating fpy a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours majoring in CNM. However, I’d like to make a small correction: Both programmes have their own merits. But come to think of it, if really terminated i cannot imagine the reprecussions for that young man.

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Elicia tesis February at It can do so with a lot more leeway and flexibility without having to accommodate other unrelated modules that its students are forced to take.

If that’s surprising to you, it might be because you’ve always had the impression that WKWSCI is the premier education provider of communications courses in Singapore with an established history and excellent track record. National University of Singapore. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.

Is studying Communications at NUS bad? The Widjaja family were visibly upset when they arrived at the Singapore General Hospital’s mortuary.


ntu fyp thesis

Why should you care about this semantics? Year 2 or year 3 faster go apply exchange and clear all the cheem mods. Hi, thanks for this post as it’s very informative! I’m an international student btw. Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Singapore.

If too much pain den suffer from stress and depression, then you might just lose ur mind and Finish Your Professor by Stabbing Your Professor. Are you interested to explore other areas of humanities, arts, and social sciences like linguistics, culture, economics, geography, and history, while sharpening your critical thinking and argumentative skills at the same time? Dalian University of Technology 1st job: A Compact Hardware-software Co-processing Platform. Sometimes these “raw data” can be put in appendix.

ntu fyp thesis

Is CNM a minnow in comparison? Southeast University, China BS: Lee Yuan Heng llee e.

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Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. But Communications is a very different discipline than, say, literature or philosophy.

So, would you have any advice on this? But for those who don’t want to commit to one track, CNM is a good fit.