This unit demonstrates the control of fluid Flow. The equipment is used widely in the process industry. This unit demonstrates the control of temperature. This apparatus is widely used for the calibration of different types of thermocouples used in process industries. Calibration of Thermocouples by using Multi-function Calibrator.

Has the desk date passed? Please note that Ntu will only be accepted ntu support of a fully completed online application. To become familiar with the calorimetric technique for analysis of polymers specifically Differential Scanning Calorimeter. The Grading Criteria shall be as follows: Lectures on Polymers 3. Applicators are usually metal bars that are manufactured to high tolerances to give consistent, repeatable results.

FTIR is an effective analytical instrument for detecting functional groups and characterizing covalent bonding information.

This unit demonstrates the control of fluid Ccoursework. This apparatus is used for mixing of large volumes or viscous of various polymer solutions.

This unit demonstrates the control of liquid level.

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Overall Aims of this lab is to introduce the students with preparation of various polymers using addition polymerization, condensation polymerization and emulsion polymerization.

Equipment General Description Picture 1 Injection molding manual The Equipment is used in small level polymer processing industries, purpose of this machine in polymer processing lab is for a general understanding about the core processes involved in any of injection molding type polymer processing machine. This machine could be helpful for the understanding vesk the amount of temperature, amount of pressure, and length of time required to process a thermosetting polymer.


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Estimation of maximum enrichment attained in a column for a given feed in the batch distillation column. Has the desk date passed? The objective of conducting this lab course is to make the students understand the basic techniques of polymer processing in various industries. This will provide courseworl comprehensive understanding of major characterization techniques.

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A large part of the final year is devoted to a project. Carson” from emschumacher and CrosswayBooks:. For a real time training of students about injection molding an industrial level machine is installed. The program curriculum is fully flexible to be modified to keep pace with the rapidly changing production technologies. Ntu coursework deskreview Rating: It uses a piston cylinder on which load is placed to make equilibrium with an applied pressure dfsk the piston.

It uses water as a liquid whose flow is controlled at any specific desired value inside the process thank. Essay graphic organizer college jobs personal essay common app format mac essay builder online order, college essay conclusion tips worksheet Owen: Liyakat Hamid Coursewrk, Iqbal M.

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To determine the mass flow rate with the help of Rota meter and compare it with the actual mass flow rate. Students can records the temperature range starting with the initial phase change temperature and ending with the completed phase change temperature.


Development of bio degradable polymers for packaging applications. Felemban 1 Mohammad Z. The temperature range that is determined can then be averaged to gain the melting point of the sample being examined. The main objective of conducting characterization lab course is to make the students understand the ccoursework techniques involved in characterizing polymeric materials. For instructions on completing an desk please see coursework how to tnu desk.

Rheometer is a precision instrument that contains the material of interest in a geometric configuration, controls the environment around it, and applies and measures wide ranges of stress, strain, and strain rate.

This equipment incorporates three types of flow metering devices for the fluids. Teaching and learning The course contains a balance of lectures and practical work, accompanied by regular tutorials that will help you with your learning through guided practice and instant feedback.

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Synthesis of Phenol-formaldehyde resin Resole by Poly-condensation method. Bakee”Effect of blend and concentration on PVDF types on membrane properties for membrane distillation “Journal of desalination and water treatmentVol.

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