Please check your email and click on the link to verify your email address. Articulating how they plan to advance knowledge within and beyond their academic discipline in graduate study and throughout their careers. Here is how I decided to break down this first essay: Sentences should have a opening topic , an action strong verb , and a resolution stress. Reviewers like to see how your previous experiences have led you, or motivated you, to pursue this particular line of research. Opinions on Inside Higher Ed. After reading all of this advice, write a first draft of your essays.

You’ll want each of your references to be able to speak to both. The program also encourages applications from underrepresented groups women, minorities, persons with disabilities and veterans to broaden and diversity those participating in science and engineering. What are the most compelling reasons you can give for the review panel to choose your proposal? At this point, you should know what your main narrative is. Application Closes deadlines vary by academic discipline Early April:

Quad Learning attempted and failed to dramatically improve transfer. Explicitly highlight intellectual merit and broader impacts.

Fellowships – Landry Lab at UC Berkeley

And I learned how to explain my research interests and why they matter in a clear manner. The application will be due in late October or early November. A timeline for preparing a major grant application. Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates. Applicants may apply in their senior year of undergraduate studies or in their first or second year of graduate school.


Only 3 will be submitted to the review panel, and you get to choose which 3 those are in the Fastlane system. Hear back from NSF! During this last month, you should not be changing anything substantively.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Opinions on Inside Higher Ed. Read it carefully, and then reread it.

They will look intimidating—in retrospect I think it is probably because only the most confident applicants chose to share their essays insigyts.

If insighhs to the program, you are also offered opportunities for international research experienceprofessional developmentand access to XSEDE ; not to mention Successful applicants articulate a plan rgfp original research that advances knowledge and has the potential for positively influencing society. Also, if you’re finishing up your senior year of undergrad, or just getting started in grad school, you’re going to have a million other things going on, so by spreading it out, it doesn’t become such a burden.

If you choose the interdisciplinary or other option, you are probably going to get 1 or 2 reviewers from one field, and 1 or 2 from another field.

nsf grfp essay insights

They essay to find someone who has significant potential to advance scientific knowledge intellectual meritAND benefit society broader impacts. You definitely don’t want to be one of those! By working on drafts with my advisor, I had gotten to discuss my research plans with him in-depth. Demonstrating potential for significant research contributions looks different for each applicant given the many fields and sub-fields of study NSF GRF recipients pursue.


Paragraphs should be L-D structure: Don’t be afraid wssay ask each of them to include specific points you would like to highlight. While there is no secret recipe for an award-winning application, I believe that this timeline maximizes your chances.

nsf grfp essay insights

That being said, the evaluation process can be somewhat Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Chemistry. Simons Foundation Bridge to Independence Award.

As ofyou insighgs now only apply to the program once as a undergraduate and once as a graduate student. Subscribe for free today. Mizzou Logo University of Missouri.

Institutions generally don’t have provisions against professors dating students they just taught. Work closely with your research mentor s and the Fellowships Office.

Tips and Insights

Give yourself plenty of time to write and revise several drafts of your application materials. The downside is that all of those applicants are probably competitive. You gain so much just from the process of applying. You want to be memorable.