The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power is about the Indian Ocean region and the future of energy supplies and maritime trade routes in the 21st century. His books are on politics, primarily foreign affairs, and travel. Please Consider Donating Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open access publishing. Late academic geographer Harm de Blij has criticized Kaplan’s book The Revenge of Geography for tending toward what de Blij interprets as environmental determinism , a school of thought often regarded as a discredited paradigm by geographers. For the United States to maintain its power, it would have to link its goals with those of the people of the developing world, he concluded. Explaining Peace in Sierra Leone. He claimed that the Indian Ocean has been a center of power for a long time and that the shift to the Atlantic can be seen as an anomaly which will be set straight in future years.

After graduating, Kaplan applied unsuccessfully to several big-city newsrooms. But, arguably, he accepts their words too uncritically. In Europe’s Shadow is one of Kaplan’s most personal examinations of the influence of geography and civilization on politics and history. He uses interviews to show how Sierra Leonean youth often had a sophisticated understanding of their own political role and surroundings. This page was last edited on 6 May , at Views Read Edit View history. Dr Danielle Beswick Date written:

Robert D. Kaplan

Additionally, Kaplan draws on the classical realism of Hans Morgenthau. Crucially, Richards situates their actions in the wider context of a shrinking patrimonial state, from which they were socially excluded and denied access to resources, particularly education.

Elite Bargains and Political Deals Project: Mearsheimer is right about some things “. In romanticising old wars Cramer, He was a reporter for the Rutland Herald in Vermont before buying a one-way plane ticket to Tunisia. To conclude, it will briefly discuss the implications of this othering process.


In contrast, Richards finds a deliberate rationale behind violence that at face value seems senseless.

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Huntingtonand Yale Professor Paul Kennedy. He also frequently kapan to the geographer Halford Mackinder and his once-influential Heartland theoryalong with the theories of Nicholas Spykman and Alfred Kapln Mahan. Retrieved from ” https: For instance, whilst mutilating the hands of villagers is incredibly violent, Richards points out that it served an effective purpose for the RUF p.

For example, it would be easy to presume the extraordinary popularity of films like Rambo stemmed from a glorification of mindless violence.

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Therefore through the othering process the new wars approach constructs a justification for western intervention whether it be in the form of peace-keeping -the new mission civilisatrice Paris,international administration or the increasing donor focus on the good governance agenda.

Richards, PFighting for the Rain Forest: Finally, he describes Kaplan’s book The Revenge of Geography as one of several “misleading” books on geography by non-formally trained geographers, and as such misrepresents the field to those unfamiliar other examples that de Blij alludes to include Thomas Friedman ‘s The World is Flat and Jared Diamond ‘s Guns, Germs, and Steel. Help Center Find new research papers in: E-IR is an independent non-profit publisher run by an all volunteer team.

He is also sometimes confused with neoconservative scholar Robert Kagan. Dag Tuastad, senior lecturer of Middle East and Africa at the University of Osloclaims that Kaplan, ‘”like Huntington author of Clash of Civilizationsperpetuates a neo-Orientalist sentiment, namely, emphasizing “features innately embedded in the Muslim religion, including the provision that Islam is a religion of the sword and a religion that glorifies military virtues”.

new barbarism thesis kaplan

Firstly, it discouraged captives from defecting back for fear of reprisals and secondly, with no hands there would be no harvest made that could potentially feed government troops. Two years after writing Surrender or Starve, he wrote and published Soldiers of God: Kaplan was embedded with U.


United States Naval Academy. In this way, new wars are an important part of the increasing merger of the development and security agendas. At first, it did not sell very well.

new barbarism thesis kaplan

Sierra Leone Case Study. Fighting for the Rain Forest: Irrational Actors and the Process of Brutalisation: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Does “New” Warfare Result in the Othering of Violent Conflict?

Together, they paint a portrait of American influence and European cohesion on the decline in the face of a rapidly emergent new order in Eurasia. I would argue that an extension of this form of othering within the new wars approach is a representation of the other as something which is beyond comprehension particularly when it comes to representing the methods of violence used.

This happens in the new wars literature through the presentation of the new kind of violent conflict as anarchic retrograde and incomprehensible presenting a threat to the global world order. Writing in The New York Timesreviewer Richard Bernstein noted that Kaplan “conveys a historically informed tragic sense in recognizing humankind’s tendency toward a kind of slipshod, gooey, utopian and ultimately dangerous optimism.

In Europe’s Shadow is one of Kaplan’s most personal examinations of the influence of geography and civilization on politics and history.