To see the status of both legs of any individual distributor in the tree, you can tap on the reference no. J] Settings Set your preferences in terms of notification timings and type of notifications you would like to receive. Notifies once a distributor from your downline achieves Club Netsurf New Content: Sending a message is as easy as sending an SMS through your smart phone. Multiple options can be selected. A forecast of how much turnover can be achieved in the coming Phase. See your status… 3.

Notifies when a new distributor is logged in your downline Payout Release: You can now see a display of your entire tree of network. Click here to access our Web Store. It will lead you to Google Maps page where you can enter the area name of the contact. Online Pattern Library User Manual. There is an option of editing, if needed. Published by Felicity Manning Modified over 3 years ago.

To be able to view the target completion and balance busness you need to tap on Set Cycle wise Target to enter the target periodically at the beginning of every business cycle.

List of the distributors who can repurchase. Attractive shopping page designs More entsurf friendly with simple steps to enter products, select delivery option and. You can take an overview of your earlier cycle wise Phase achievements of Club Netsurf Targets by tapping on the Details link mentioned below.

Netsurf Mobile Application – ppt video online download

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. These people may great efforts and convincing to join the business.


netsurf business plan ppt

Your one single message reaches to all the prospects in the selected nettsurf. Details of the current cycle: You can now categorize the contacts in your phone in 3 broad categories based on the level of difficulty in converting them into Netsurf distributors, viz. B] Add a new distributor Check the payout earned and power legs of your active downline and add new distributor in nesturf network accordingly. E] My Region See area wise cycle comparison and all regions Plna Netsurf achievements in terms of the lists of actual achievers and probable achievers for each region.

You can make a call to the respective distributors in the above mentioned lists by tapping on the cell number displayed, right through the app- without having to enter the number in your phone book.

Options- None, Important busiiness All. It will collect inputs from you in below four steps- Product Selection: List of probable distributors who can upgrade their status.

You can choose your products across all 4 categories. In the list view netdurf can find the category abbreviations for your quick reference.

Notifies when any new content in the media library is uploaded. After selecting any of the contacts, you are navigated to a new screen where in you can categorize that particular contact in the above mentioned categories.

Post completion, you can see a single contact on your screen and browse through swiping left or right or you can go back to the entire contact list view. See your status… 3.


Also, you can rate those videos with up to 5 stars. Once you have entered your cycle wise turnover target, your daily calling target will be automatically calculated and displayed here for every cycle.

netsurf business plan ppt

The Settings option present on the upper bar helps you to manage the notifications and your interest categories, etc. List of distributors who missed out on last payout cheque. I] Customer Support Make a netwurf to the customer support team directly through the app. Target of the cycle – Achieved figure – Balance figure.

G] Business Analytics Check your turnover status leg wise for last phase, current phase and a forecast for the total turnover of the current phase. You can add the details of the calls made by tapping on Enter Details link provided below.

Netsurf Mobile Application

Neteurf displayed along with your achievements- both leg wise and repurchase wise- for your quick review. Auth with social network: About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. You can review your order and confirm it. Supplier User Guide Contract Management. You may need your up line senior to join you while discussing the business with these prospects.

You can view different event albums here with one of their photos displayed.