In penned this novel aged just The excerpts you quoted are really beautiful and quite chilling. It used to be a big and elegant apartment once but after the death of the grandfather, the apartment was halved and the family continued to live in one part, keeping all the furniture. Gloria has been Roman’s mistress before and after her marriage to Juan, the straight-laced Angustias has been having an affair with her married boss, the grandmother who never sleeps fawns over her two sons while disdaining her daughters – three of them managed to leave the dreadful house long ago, including Andrea’s mother. Her descriptions are absolutely fantastic. The image of Andrea, walking the streets, eating small pieces of chocolate is still vivid in my mind. I have heard of a few of the names but many are not familiar at all.

They are all skinny and starving. Has she ever written horror book? Learn how your comment data is processed. The maze spreads outside the house, into the postwar city, into the gambling den kept by Gloria’s sister, into the university circles of would-be artists, into the dark streets and crumbling churches. We see how she changes from a shy country girl into a modern woman. Set in post Civil War Spain, Nada Nothing tells the story of a young orphan, Andrea, who leaves the country for Barcelona where she wants to study literature.

Written quickly, in barely a few months, expressly to take part in the first Nadal literary prize which it wonNada Essa took the Spanish readership by storm. Hi Caroline Thanks for mentioning this review — Nada has now shot up to the top of my list of books to read! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

At the centre of the maze

Over the mirror, because it didn’t fit anywhere else, they’d hung a macabre still-life of pale bream and onions against a black background. I have added this to my reading list. Thanks for this fantastic camren and the many recommendations, Richard!


One of the best I read so far this year which is saying a lot as there were quite a few wonderful books already. Set in post Civil War Spain, Nada Nothing tells the story of a young orphan, Andrea, who leaves the country for Barcelona where she wants to study literature.

Review: Nada, by Carmen Laforet | Books | The Guardian

Nasa loneliness, a loneliness that makes her sad but that also permits her to explore states of mind she otherwise might not have explored. This site uses cookies.

At her first sight of her grandmother’s bathroom, Andrea remarks that it has the appearance of “a witches’ house. Now the book is told completely naea first person narrative we see Andrea life through her eyes ,we see her life change was she interacts family ,they all have their problems and in a way this gives Andrea the strength to become a strong women over the year she spent in the house. Eesay also has a new one out, The Frozen Heart pages that does sound good. It got a lot of attention in Germany and think still does but I think the English-speaking world is neglecting it somewhat.

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nada carmen laforet essay

Read in Argentina before the military dictatorship, it spoke to us of a state of fear and oppression that we could not know was threatening us; read in English today, it retains, within the now alien world it depicts, a note of warning and salutary unease.

I mixed it up. I found the Schiele a bit harsh… I reversed your reaction in my memory. Sorrow and joy are very close. Share Print Lafret Email. But then she makes a friend, Ena, a charismatic girl whom she loves fiercely.

Nada by Carmen Laforet

You are commenting using your Essaay account. So we see her arrive in the dead of night and enter the household of her Grandmother. I like the cover as well, not too keen on the German one though. Born in Barcelona in her early days she moved to Canary islands ,returning to Barcelona at 18 to study and she stayed with family.


Despite many gloomy descriptions, highly dysfunctional characters and a lot of sadness essayy loneliness this is not a depressing novel at all. Thrilled to hear you enjoyed this so much, Caroline! I read the German translation not the brightest idea but it would have taken too long to receive the Spanish bookyou can see the cover below.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Andrea has a little allowance but she prefers to spend it on presents for Ena or cigarettes. The literature of Spain, smothered by the civil war, appeared to have survived only in its poetry, and not at all in its fiction.

nada carmen laforet essay

Besides her grandmother, the house is inhabited by her two uncles, Juan and Roman, her aunt Angustias, the maid Antonia, and Juan’s wife, Gloria, plus a menagerie of cats, an old dog and a parrot. Andrea is shocked by how her family are living post civil war. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thanks for commenting, I love to hear your thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here I read it in Spanish and found her style very pleasant because it flows very easily.

We also glimpse the broken city of Barcelona that is trying to pick itself up off the floor after the civil war with the heart of the city a war-torn place.