Arabic numbers are also used in the following cases: This is to ensure clear copies of the work Except for tables whose text should be single spaced, spacing for all other text should be 1. In International encyclopaedia of communications Vol. List works alphabetically by title, and place lowercase letters a, b, etc. No quotation marks are required.

For electronic texts or other works without page numbers, paragraph numbers may be used instead. Guidelines for Writing a Masters Thesis Documents. Simon Msanjila, Mzumbe University , Tanzania. APA style for references The alphabetical list of the sources cited in your document is called references. Repeat the authors name in each entry. For admission into diploma and certificate courses for the academic. Article in a magazine Shy, R.

Retrieved April 24, from the World Wide Web: Unsigned article What sort of person reads Creative Computing?

Two or more authors with the same last name If your list of references includes works by different authors with the same last name, to avoid confusion, include the authors initial in each citation. Employment Standards Act No.

List of tables and list of figures: Website, for electronic case reports. Organisation as author If ofrmat name of an organisation or a corporation is long, spell it out the first time, followed by an abbreviation or acronyms in brackets.

It will therefore reflect at least major elements of the following: Original work published, The paragraphs should not be indented.

guidelines for Thesis writing

As Mueller et al. Electronic sources World wide website Other sources Technical or research reports and working papers Paper presented at a meeting or symposium, unpublished Dissertation, unpublished Legal documentation Citation of cases Citation of statutes 4.


Italicize the titles and subtitles of books and periodicals. The universityy are also useful to undergraduate students in writing their fieldwork reports besides most other academic writing.

Mzumbe University Thesis Writing Guidelines For Students – Borgetto s.r.o.

Do not write the name of a country for place of publication but instead use cities or towns Periodicals1. Table numbering must be consecutive within chapters. To maintain a high standard universityy a students work that is acceptable for a graduate degree, the Directorate of Research, Publications, and Postgraduate Studies DRPS has developed guidelines to assist students in preparing their theses or dissertations.

Mzumbe University prefers references to bibliography.


Revised Quick Guidelines for Writing Ph. Guidelines for writing thesis technical reports 2 Engineering.

mzumbe university dissertation format

The text in these tables should be singlespaced. Characteristics of access for men and women. Selection in a book with an editor West, C. For newspapers and for articles or chapters in books, include the abbreviation p, page or pp. The alphabetical list of all sources read cited or not in your work is called bibliography. Insert candidates full name sixteen spaces after the title The candidates name must be in the centre of the title page in bolded 12 font size.


Begin your first line of each entry. In later citations use the abbreviation or acronym only. No quotation marks are required.

mzumbe university dissertation format

The title page will resemble the contents of the cover page except that disseftation the cover page is in a hard cover, this title page will be only in a normal paper Certification: University Fees Policy Guidelines.


For a periodical, write the periodical title followed by a comma, the volume number, the issue number if appropriate in parentheses followed by a comma, and the inclusive page numbers of the article.

Use the word Author as the publisher when the organization is both uhiversity author and the publisher. Repeat the authors name in each entry. Life-span development and behaviour Vol.

mzumbe university dissertation format

Two or more authors Newcombe, F. APA style for in-text citations Authors names in a signal phrase Authors named in parentheses Two authors Three to five authors Six to more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Two or more authors with the same last names Two or more sources within the same parentheses Universiyt parts of a source E-mail and other personal communication World wide website APA style for a list of references Books One author Two or more authors Organisation as author Unknown author Editor Selection in a book with an editor Translation Edition other than the first One volume of a multivolume work Article in a reference work Republication Government document Two or more works by the same author s Periodicals Article in a journal mxumbe by volume Article in a journal paginated by issue Article in a magazine Article in a newspaper Editorial or letter to the editor Unsigned article.