BRT is an attractive option for cities of the developing world as it is a flexible system that is more affordable than other mass transit options. The researcher produced the copies of the research introduction letter from the Mount Kenya University which gave the respondents confidence in giving out the information. Secondly, it can be concluded that insurance policies are good as far as profitability of the Matatu SACCOs is concerned. In other words, it should be affordable, efficient, available, safe, and supports economic development. Human Capital and Growth. K Sessional paper 1, Research methods for business students 5th edition , Harlow:

It was evidenced from the study other allowances were hardly offered to the employees. Directors should not hold position in more than one Sacco licensed under the Act. Thus, it is rare to conceive a situation over space where transportation does not play a notable role in the life of any individual or society at large. Lopoyetum and Karthikeyan The descriptive research survey design was used in this study. The results are as shown in table 4. The organization and future of the Matatu industry in Nairobi, Kenya.

Not much has been done on the factors influencing the performance of Matatu SACCOs operating in Thika town even though the research has been carried in other places. In many high-income world urban areas, urban transport planning is based upon various principles that may be generally characterized as seeking to encourage public transport use, walking and cycling as an alternative to the automobile.

There is need for improved transport infrastructural services as components required achieving sustainable development to take care of incoming generations. Property and land values tend to increase in areas with expanding transportation networks, and increase less rapidly in areas without such improvements. Entrepreneurial thesiis among micro and small-scale women-owned enterprises in North and Central Meru district, Kenya.


The study recommends that in order to improve their earnings, owners have to properly manage their relationships with the individuals contracted to run their matatu business.

The study used a target population of respondents.

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Dziekan studied ease-of-use in public transportation — a user perspective on information and orientation aspects. Entrepreneurship The capacity and willingness to undertake conception, organization, and management of a productive venture forat all attendant risks, while seeking profit as a reward. Training empowers owners and employers to make better decisions and provide better quality goods and services. The third party for 14 and 25 seater ranges between Kshs. The data was presented in form of tables, frequency distributions, percentages, pie charts and bar charts.


Interestingly, the significance of transport sector towards achieving sustainable development and as a component of sustainability has been stressed by scholars over the years. The summary of findings gives an in-depth explanation of the major factors raised by the respondents on the factors influencing the performance of Theeis SACCOs operating in Thika town.

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They should also adopt international accounting and auditing standards. Matatu business has a chance of rapid growth if there is law and order and if it is well supported by government and financial institutions that can give loans at low interest rates. Open ended questions were availed and space left for filling in the relevant explanations.


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A rationalization of its body design to improve passenger comfort and economic performance and its use as advertising media. He further noted that the training duration is influenced by the competency required for the particular trade.

Integrated National Transport Policy This low service performance was due to the deficiencies of public transport route network and the service capacity constraints. New sector magazine, issue no. McRae asserts that the potential of the education system to contribute further to the growth of an entrepreneurship culture has not been harnessed. Proper maintenance of books of accounts, training of the employees on management and entrepreneurial skills, attending workshops and seminars and inspection of employees as they work should be encouraged always so that Matatu SACCOs can be able to achieve high mky of profitability.

Newsletter issue 2, April Chambo et al The Matatu public forat in Nairobi.

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Do you attend seminars and workshops? Economic Costs, Benefits and Policy Concerns. International Monetary Fund Skip to main content. Significantly, basic employment policy in Kenya does not cover Matatu workers. The study recommends that the government increases road patrols so as to reduce incidences of carjacking and robbery.

Do you inspect 45 40 10 5 employees as they work? Coopers and Lybrand Association Ltd