The over the chemical treatment of water because it is biolo- suspensions were left to stand without disturbance for 1 h. This indicates that turbid water which is allowed to stand with no treatment is an inadequate procedure for removing Data analysis dissolved and floating particles. Other purpose of conducting the study about MoringaOleifera is that the examination of antibacterial activity of methanol and h-hexane extracts of Moringa Oleifera and Moringa Stenopetala seeds that was conducted on 3 bacterial species S. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 5 6 , The aluminum sulphate which acts as synthetic coagulant was used for comparison in terms of treatment efficiency with Moringa oleifera. Calcium is necessary for bone formation, blood clotting and other metabolic reactions.

Coagulation was found to be more effective the warmer the water sample, and acidity was determined to be optimal for coagulation at 6. Bioremediation of turbid surface water using seed extract from Moringa oleifera Lam. In a nutshell, Moringa oleifera was more effective than aluminium sulphate. Turbidity indicates if the water is clear or not. The loading dose concentrations on the pH.


The acidic initial reading of the groundwater is probably caused by soil and water natural acidification which is a biogeochemical process that happens very slowly by soil respiration, a process where soil organisms respire and produce carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide dissolves in water giving away carbonic acid which is a type of weak acid formed in the solution 4.

In Heterotrophic plate count, the number of heterotrophic bacteria decreases as the concentration of malunggay seed powder increases. This solution was put on a minerals; hence there is no standard value for it but high magnetic stirrer and stirred gently for 10 min.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

This project is aimed to compare the treatment efficiency of Moringa seed Lam. Total coliform counts purifisr ml of the samples. The literature makes plain the case that use of M. This parameter was determined using Pour Plate Method. The ability of aluminum sulphate to reduce turbidity of the water sample can be explained as such, when added to water, aluminum salts are hydrolysed producing cationic species responsible for absorbing negatively charged particles of the colloidal and also for neutralizing their charge.


Effect of crude and defatted Moringa oliefera seeds as natural coagulants in the removal of physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters from turbid river water.

Psper, it was concluded in the study that the use of the coagulant in the process does not affect the water temperature drastically as their temperature is still in the normal range for water. The different coagulant concentration and amount was then added to the water sample to be tested. Seedss plates were prepared for each different volume of diluted sample used.

Water Purification using Malunggay (MoringOleifera) Seeds

The Heterotrophic Plate Count HPC is a procedure and a microbial method for estimating the number of level heterotrophic bacteria in water that uses colony formation on culture media to approximate redearch levels of heterotrophic flora.

Decantation process must be done to both chemical and microbiological specimens instead of filtration in order to achieve good results, puriifer in Turbidity. Decantation process must be done in order to have a good result in terms purlfier its turbidity.

The eight containers were properly and quickly sealed and were subjected for physico-chemical and microbiological analysis. It is in this light that this research was carried out to confirm the effectiveness of powder extracted from mature-dried Moringa oleifera seeds which is commonly available in most rural communities of Africa.

The confirmed stage is used on all primary fermentation tubes showing gas formation during 24 hours to 48 hours periods. At initial acidic reading 5.


Water from these disease. The treatment efficiency of both coagulants are as follows, Moringa oleifera with A third group of studies purifler M. In a research study conducted by Suleyman et.

All parts of moringa are edible. Most bacteria including many of the bacteria associated with drinking water systems are heterotrophs.

Mix powder with small amount of clean water to make paste.

The reaction of the salt with the water is also one of the possible causes for the rise in the reading. There are four important parameters that were tested in this study according to the drinking water guidelines quality such as turbidity, pH, conductivity and temperature.

Performance of Moringa oliefera as a biosorbent for chromium removal. TDS in water varies considerable in different geogra- The double strength was prepared using exactly a double of each phical regions owing to differences in the solubility of of the weights of the reagents used.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

One milliliter of diluted sample was pipette into the sterile petridish. Eight sterilized containers were used, 4 containers for the physico-chemical analysis, and 4 for microbiological analysis. Due to this waterborne disease outbreaks, water that is to be consumed for drinking must undergo purification process before they can be considered as safe. For the tubes in which no gas is formed, incubation was continued and was examined for gas formation at the end of 48 hours.

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