Spread of education is really appreciating. A series of measures continuing throughout the early half of the 20th century ultimately laid the foundation of education in the Republic of India , education in Pakistan and much of South Asia. A boy earn freedom from firewood-gathering duties and gains admission to the Zawlbuk as soon as he can prove that his public hair has grown and is long enough to tie around a smoking pipe. At present the scenario is different, socially they are maintaining the traditions and culture but the pace of adaptation of a common Indian culture and social advancement are slow. Culture is transmitted over generations and forms a cultural heritage.

Knowingly or unknowingly mistakes do occur directly or indirectly for this who are to blame none else but we human beings only. All the characteristics stated are found to suit perfectly particularly in case of Tuensang and Mon districts and for this reason these districts come under the purview of backward areas. Each and every tribe have their own distinct culture, tradition, customs, festivals, values, norms etc. Frykenberg examines the to period to argue that education helped integrate the diverse elements Indian society, thereby creating a new common bond from among conflicting loyalties. Health Department in the districts is very poor and there is irregular supply of medicine.

Distribution of indigenous people all over the world is shown in Table 1. In case of Nagaland there are only two seats in Parliament one in Rajya Sabha and another in Lok Sabha since based on population. The Zawlbuk was used as not only a place for sleep by unmarried youths but also as rest house by travellers and visitors to the village. They had a number of traditional healing systems, nagalanc worldviews, social organization that can prepare them for the life, indigenous religious ckming, visual arts etc.


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Most marriages are conducted by the parents in view of social and economic status. The knowledge acquired is applied in the fields of agriculture, food preparation, health care, education, conservation and the wide range of other activities that sustain societies in many parts of the world.

In this respect, the contribution of the community been tremendous.

It is to note that in the entire Tuensung district the first primary school was established at Tuensang Town only in Nagaland has tremendous scopes for small scale and the agro-based industries, which also provides ample opportunities for employment for the local youths, both directly and indirectly. Through Moshupm used to be imparted which would help in fulfilment of basic human needs. Clark whereas the first school in phom area, the first school was established inat Tamlu by the British Gorkha Troops in which Alphabets and numbers were taught in Assamese medium.

Though there are major natural water sources, pipe water supply is not available adequately. Secondary information consists of records based aftfr government, private publication, public records, statistics, historical document and other source of public shed information such as books, monographs, etc.

Examples of royal patronage include construction of buildings under the Rastrakuta dynasty in CE. India established a dense educational network very largely for males with a Western curriculum based on instruction in English. The morung was the pride of the village and was always decorated with trophies of war and finest wood carvings the britisherrs were capable of.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Indigenous knowledge would contribute to solve existing problems and achieving the intended objectives. Even moral instruction covering marriage affairs were also imparted.


make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Every village was ruled by the brave warriors. The climate in Longleng is moderate in summer and cold in winter.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent

To act and work in a balanced way, satisfying the needs of each tribe is a very tough job. Afterfew schools were opened in rural areas of Phom community by the state government. Jha, Mahabir and Chakraborty, P. The property gets transferred to the women in the house.

make a case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Oxford History of the British Empire: Many schools were against the high fee but those who accepted it were given grants by British government. Linguistic problem is one of the major impacts for backwardness. Usually the Sier is constructing at the corner of the village.

While, almost every household in Manipur owns a loom, womenfolk alone are the weavers. People from different villages come to Longleng in order to participate in the festival where in folk dance and other entertainment programmes are organized.

Crisis of tue Sixteenth Century. Phom people are multi lingual having five dialects in all which varies from village to village, Phom being the common dialect.

All the respondents are non-vegetarian. Restricting comijg to the indigenous system of education prevailed in hill areas it is found that a variety of dormitories existed in the NES of India as presented in Table 3. Students had to attend regular classes which was a problem for students belonging to peasant families.