Kinnari Gurnani A Hangzhou Story: Further, a noisy environment can affect non-human life such as birds that rely on vocalizations for sexual selection and predator awareness. Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance. Plastic bags are tremendously useful, but damage the environment. Is the case study direct? What was the role of the public sector in spurring innovation? You must first register for the Competition and submit a Case Brief for the proposed case study by the stipulated deadline.

Year All Our four research centres address varied areas of policy challenges: While the use of foreign labour helped the country to increase its GDP, it also had negative side effects and unintended consequences. Innovation districts, where density and proximity were prized for fostering knowledge sharing and innovation, have been fast gaining popularity globally. Does it exhibit critical thinking in examining and communicating arguments?

Case Study Unit

This case study examines the economic and social effects of immigration in Singapore, and the policies that have been enacted to maximise the benefits from immigration while mitigating the downsides. Kinnari Gurnani A Hangzhou Story: Participants are responsible for identifying and securing the stuy of their Faculty Advisor. Rui Tao Rock, paper or scissors: Submission Requirements Your case study entry may be on any topic in any country in Asia.

Fazlin Abdullah and Goh Ann Tat. Is the case study helpful in illuminating policy studg and dilemmas for teaching purposes? Academics in this cluster take a comparative development perspective to examine questions of policy design and implementation, enforcement and regulation, and policy effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and sustainability.


This case study describes the efforts of five countries—Hong Kong, Ireland, Denmark, Kenya, and Singapore—to regulate and reduce plastic bag use.

Is there a good balance between a well-told story and sufficient data? Economic Development and Competitiveness. Institute of Policy Studies.

lkyspp case study unit

What was the role of the public sector in spurring innovation? ACI seeks to contribute to the enhancement of inclusive growth, living standards, and institutional governance through competitiveness research on sub-national economies in Asia.

Many cities are noisy.

lkyspp case study unit

Integrating Theory and Practice Does the case study interpret observations in the context of a prescribed or emergent theoretical framework? Plastic bags are tremendously useful, but damage the environment.

The Registration Form includes a Case Brief that should contain the following information: Stkdy in this cluster offer a unique Asian perspective and insights from Singapore on specific areas such as Education, Fertility, Health and Pension Reform.

The case study should also be accompanied by a short Abstract words Max and Teaching Notes. The case of slum redevelopment in Mumbai.

Faculty, PhD students and visiting academics regularly present their research findings at the weekly School Research Seminars. The trilemma of fertiliser policy in India. Big Data, Big Problems: The Organiser will assist Participants in developing the case study. This case study discusses these issues using one-north as the primary example.


Research Assistants, Case Studies Unit (CSU)

The faculty is also heavily involved in various funded research projects of potentially important policy impact. Given the high stakes and large public investments poured into developing innovation districts, would they give Singapore a competitive edge lkydpp the global economy? Can someone sit down and understand their view without knowing the background? All sources used in the case study should be appropriately cited using the Chicago Manual of Style. Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance.

Registration opens on the 3 rd September and the Registration Form can be downloaded here. Singapore’s Approach to Managing Economic Crises. Research Centres Our four research centres address varied areas of policy challenges: Non-Ideal Toilets in India: Using the story of Kampung Lorong Buangkok, a traditional village on Singapore’s mainland that sits on land slated for future redevelopment into schools and a road, this case study explores the challenge of balancing heritage and modernity in a rapidly developing city-state.