A table may occupy the full width of the page or less than the full width. However, many points have been incorporated from other publication manuals for consistency in publication. Width If a table is too wide for the page, it should be turned length-wise i. Name of author b. Other punctuation marks are placed outside the quotation marks unless they are part of the quoted material. Determine this from reference sources available.

Abbreviation for Postgraduate programmes.. Style Preferences 4 V. For hyphens, dashes and minus signs, use the following guideline: For any texts outside the table like table number, caption, title and notes, the point font size should be used. Do not repeat any element within the name.

These guidelines More information.

Call-out, 55, 77 Camera-ready art, 14, 76 supplements, 87, Title page Abstract page ii Table of contents Main text separated More information. She said, I m going.

Place the table number above the table, and centre both; 20011 the title below the table number, centred and single-spaced, spanning the width of the table. Rules for Transliterating Single Words. Volume number if anywritten in Arabic numerals c. However, the space between lines of such headings should be single. Name of author b. The supervisor may be consulted on this.


Questionnaires were also distributed to postgraduate students to get their opinions on the presentation of the manual to ensure as much as possible that it is reader-friendly. A probability note which indicates the results of tests of significance.


A heading that appears as a last line on a page will not be accepted. In either case, each table must be centred horizontally on the page, and within the four margins. The appearance of the finished work should be neat. Ibrahim, if and only if it cannot fit the length of the spine.


Determine this from reference sources available. Samad Shahnon Ahmad Not: Long headings may occupy multiple lines.

2101, William Duncan anak However, if it is known that the bearer of the name treats an element of the name as a surname, enter that element first, for example: It will show you how to format various items. Abbreviation for Postgraduate programmes. A summary of the findings of the study. All items must be appropriately labelled and bear the: For periods elsewhere and other punctuation marks comma, colon, etc.

iium thesis manual 2011

Zein, Deputy Dean Academic AffairsCentre for Postgraduate Studies and his committee who has worked so iiuum in coming out with this new edition.


The name of the university i. A list is required if there are more than two tables or more than two figures in the paper.

iium thesis manual 2011

No text should be placed oium a page containing a broadside table. It is useful and unique to IIUM as it also includes details on how to cite languages other than English, particularly Arabic and Malay. Such long headings may be shortened in the table of contents to fit the requirements of the margins.

Part 2 is on formatting of the thesis which the student will find necessary at the thesiss of the thesis writing prior to submission.

Omit words or abbreviations denoting filial relationship such as bin and binti. Manuscript Submission 2 II. However, the point font size may be used for items like captions, figures, and tables. Students are responsible to adjust extra spacing between words that may result from the justification of text.